Preparation for the GMAT

I have taken the GMAT three times and my highest score was a 720 out of 800. Deciding on taking the GMAT takes dedication and determination. The time from when you begin to study for the test and the time when you actually take the test will depend on previous knowledge of basic math and grammar. I felt it was my duty to pass along information regarding preparation for the GMAT.

Undertaking this endeavor will require a lot of strenuous hours studying. There are many publications to help assist the learning process but I feel that the best preparation is to simply take practice tests. However, sometimes the only way to get practice tests is to purchase the various study guides.

When you are done taking practice tests, you can go over your incorrect answers with explanations to the right answer. These explanations are valuable to understanding the various tricks and traps that the ETS (governing testing board) try to use to confuse the test taker. Before my first try at the GMAT I would primarily rely on study guides. The tips were helpful but were not exactly relevant to the actual test, e.g., the study guide instructed readers on how to answer inference questions but on the test I did not get any inference questions.

The test is divided in three parts, the writing, the math and the verbal section. Anyone successful in the math section understands basic algebra and geometry-there is no calculus involved. Furthermore I noticed that the practice test, which can be found at test’s official site, has questions that are almost identical to the real test.

As for the verbal section, the reading is lengthy and the verbiage is quite advanced. One good preparation tip is to read, read, read, and read. Go to your local library and grab novels to you liking and read them whenever you have free time. Also, it may be advantageous to read articles relating to science and business, since most of the reading comprehension on the test relate to issues regarding such.

The GMAT is structured to test your ability to see the fine print and to see if you are a sufficient problem-solver. The GMAT also tests everything you have learned from previous english and math classes, including basic arithmetic and elementary grammar. I would recommend anyone taking the test to study well in advance, such as 6-8 months before taking the exam. A good indication to readiness is if you have taken 20-30 full practice tests and have gone over every wrong answer with the aid of explanations. The test costs $250 (US rate) so taking the test several times can become extremely costly-isn’t college expensive enough?

Good luck with the test and see you in Graduate School!

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