Product Review: Accusplit Eagle AE120XL Pedometer

One of the best ways to stay fit is to walk more and measure your progress using a pedometer. The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL pedometer provides everything you need. You can find one of these units for an average price of $15. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by the Accusplit Eagle AE120XL.

The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL is equipped with an internal pendulum. This pendulum senses your motions while you’re jogging or walking around. The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL can count the number of steps that you walk or jog up to 100,000. The counter will roll over once it reaches 99,999.

The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL also features a liquid crystal display. The digits on the display are 1/2-inch high, so you won’t have a problem reading the digits. However, the display on the Accusplit Eagle AE120XL pedometer doesn’t have a light, so you won’t be able to read it effectively at night.

One good aspect of not having a light is that the battery won’t drain as quickly. The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL comes standard with a lithium battery installed. You shouldn’t have to replace this battery for about five years.

Another nice feature of the Accusplit Eagle AE120XL is that it features a built-in clip. This clip is designed to hold the unit securely to your waistband or belt. The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL also includes a three-way safety leash. The leash is six inches long and features two clips that you can attach to your clothing. This is useful for protecting the pedometer in case the unit comes loose from your belt or waistband.

The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL only measures steps when the cover is closed and the unit is vertical. The cover helps protect the display from damage. The only control you have over the Accusplit Eagle AE120XL is a simple reset button. The cover also helps protect you from accidentally resetting the device. You simply have to unsnap the cover if you want to look at the display and check your progress.

If you want to stay fit and walk more, you should buy yourself a pedometer to keep an eye on your progress. The Accusplit Eagle AE120XL features a liquid crystal display with large digits so you won’t have trouble reading it. The unit also has a built-in clip and a safety leash that you can attach to your clothing using two additional clips.

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