Product Review: Kohler Refinia Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucet

The Kohler Refinia Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucet is a stylish inexpensive but high quality faucet with a high clearance for a good looking and performing faucet.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25

Look & Feel: 24/25

Features 23/25

How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 92/100

The Kohler Refinia is a centerset sink faucet that also comes in the separate handle and faucet configuration for sinks with either 4 inch or larger offsets. The high quality faucets from Kohler can range in price from just over a hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars but all have high quality parts and a lifetime warranty.

While many may not see the advantages of paying a thousand dollars for a faucet Kohler does warrant the faucet to be free of drips or leaks and if one develops during the life of the home they will send free parts to fix the leak or drip. This warranty only applies to the cartridge to repair the faucet and will be available for United States, Canada and Mexico customers but is a fantastic warranty.

The faucets are warranted for one year to be free of defects in material and workmanship during normal residential use as long as the original purchaser owns the home the faucet is installed in. This kind of warranty for both the valve workings and the general quality of the product shows how much the company believes in their product.

I have replaced quite a few faucet parts both at home and for my wife’s daycare where I help fix things and spent quite a few dollars for those cartridges and o-rings. A lifetime warranty for parts is one that I can easily recommend as long as the product itself lives up to that kind of promise and Kohler does indeed.

The Refinia faucet has the higher faucet over your sink for better hand washing and easier access which works great for a bathroom that gets a lot of use. The Refinia comes in a centerset design and a three piece design with the handles separate for widespread holes in a sink so you can order either model for your particular setup.

The Refinia comes in polished chrome and vibrant brushed nickel for a variety of colors but it is limited to the mostly silver colored ones. The Refinia has the two faucet handles with a column so the handles are up off the sinks top and the levers turn on by pulling toward you 1/4 turn.

The handles would make an easy to use faucet for both kids and adults due to the larger handles and only turning a quarter turn to full on. The Refinia is an easy to install faucet whether your replacing the whole sink or just replacing an existing faucet and does come with a drain and tailpiece.

I installed the Refinia in my son’s bathroom and they just love the higher faucet for a nice roomy area under it while washing their hands. The sink and faucet was replaced so I did have a bit easier time with getting the faucet in as I installed the faucet with the sink still loose.

The faucet has two long 22 inch hoses with common 3/8 inch compression connectors for easy connecting to the supply fittings of a shut off valve. The Refinia is 6 and 3/4 inch tall above the base level of the faucet and 5 15/16 inch clearance from the base to the faucet spout.

The spout of the faucet is 4 1/2 inches from the center line of the handles and faucet to the center of the spout so there is good clearance away from the handles as well as height. The handles of the faucet are four inches tall and almost three inches wide for a good easy handle that is convenient for adults and even the little hands of kids.

The two hose ends come preinstalled on the faucet so you only need to install the two plastic nut fittings or mounting shanks that are for the two plastic nuts that hold the faucet to the sink. The Refinia comes with a foam base to seal the faucet to the sink but you can also use plumbers putty or silicone sealant if you need to because of an uneven fit to the sink base.

I installed the sink drain that matches the faucet for the color and finish of the Refinia which also comes with the faucet using plumbers putty. The Refinia has all the pieces necessary to install the faucet including a tailpiece to get the drain to the pipe fittings below it.

You also get an aerator key to help remove the aerator when you install the faucet to make sure you get all the debris out of the line before using the faucet. In the included manual are instructions to remove the aerator before installing the faucet so you flush any debris out of the line and the faucet during installation.

The aerator does have a screen as well as some kind of plastic flow device to distribute the water evenly for a nice steady stream without adding air to the water flow. This type of aerator is uncommon in cheaper faucets that usually just have a screen to distribute the flow of water.

Installing the faucet is as easy as installing any faucet I have done and the pre connected lines make things very simple without having to do as much crawling under the sink during installation. I had no problems installing the faucet and have been very pleased with the Refinia over the past weeks as the faucet works very well.

My sons have commented on the nice area under the faucet so getting plenty of room for washing is a major advantage of this type of sink faucet. The Refinia is easy to install and looks great for a fantastic faucet with a lifetime warranty that will enhance any bathroom.

I highly recommend the Kohler Refinia if you’re looking for a stylish faucet with plenty of room for washing and other uses that also includes the lifetime limited warranty.

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