Product Review: Moen Haysfield Kitchen Faucet

The Moen Haysfield Stainless Steel One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is a great stylish faucet that includes the Spot Resist finish, Reflex spout system and soap dispenser.

Ease of Use/Performance: 5/5
Convenience/Storage 5/5
Appearance/Design 5/5
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recommendation: 5/5

The Moen Haysfield Kitchen Faucet is a stylish faucet that includes the newest technologies that Moen is known for including quick connect installation and a couple of newer ones. Moen has continued to work at improving their products and finishes that resist spots and fingerprints as well as a spout system that helps with smooth pulling and secure docking in the faucet neck.

The Moen Haysfield has a two function spout with a normal stream and a sprayer for the pullout spout that works well with its Reflex spout technology. The weight is attached to the hose underneath the sink but the finely crafted spout and faucet makes for a smooth operation and retraction into the faucet.

The Moen Haysfield is a model of kitchen faucets that has a single handle and a pulldown spout for convenient kitchen use while the cartridge washer system means long life and drip free operation. The Haysfield faucet can be installed in a three hole or one hole sink due to the single hole design and wider cover that hides the two holes on a three hole sink.

The additional soap dispenser can be installed in a separate hole or one of the three holes of a three hole sink because the cover for the two holes is optional. The Haysfield installs just fine in a single hole with an additional hole for the soap dispenser if you want to install that as well.

I could not find the Haysfield without the soap dispenser but you can buy an even more sophisticated version of the faucet that includes motion sense technology. Motion Sense will turn the faucet on and off by simply sensing movement either by the faucet spout or above the faucets top arc using motion sensors.

The Haysfield faucet costs about $230 at Home Depot and about $400 for the Motion Sense version and I am not sure if you can buy them elsewhere. I looked at various home improvement stores and it seems like Home Depot is the preferred retailer for Moen faucets but you may be able to find them elsewhere other than at online sites like Wal-Mart Marketplace.

The Moen Haysfield is as easy to install as any other modern faucet I have installed with the handy quick connect feature for the main spout. The Haysfield can be installed in a single hole even though the features list on the Moen website says it requires four holes.

After removing the previous faucet I cleaned up the area and put the Haysfield in place and tightened down the mounting nut using the included tool. The nut can be tightened using the included socket like tool and a simple screw driver through the end hole for torque that has been included in several faucets I have received recently.

These handy tools make installing faucets easier because they are a socket made of a tough plastic that has a nut driver on each end and a hole for a straight tool like a Philips screw driver. This makes a nut driver that is about six inches long to tighten down the main nut that holds the faucet to the sink on the main post coming from inside the faucet.

The main faucet hose coming from the spout to the inside of the faucet has a quick connect to allow for easier installation while the two main hot and cold lines are about 30 inches long. The hoses use a common smaller sized connection that fits on most faucet shut off valves for easy installation as well so the tools needed are only two wrenches for the hoses and the included tool with Philips screw driver to screw the mounting nut down.

I installed the faucet in a short time but did want to cut a hole in my sink to install the included soap dispenser using a hole saw that cuts stainless steel. I borrowed a hole saw set from a friend to drill out the hole and the thinner stainless steel was very easy to cut through and sand down smooth.

After installing the Haysfield faucet and soap dispenser the only thing left was to use the faucet but this faucet is a bit different than others I have owned with the handle moving in directions I am not used to. Turning the faucet on requires the handle to be rotated away from the faucets upright tube and toward it to turn the faucet off.

To adjust the hot and cold you turn the faucet handle upward toward the vertical for hot and down to the horizontal to adjust it to the cold. This unusual movement for hot, cold, on and off requires a bit of room for the handle to move if install the faucet with the handle toward the left but with it on the right side leaves plenty of room.

I had no problem installing the faucet with the handle on the right and the included soap dispenser does make a nice addition for quickly dispensing soap right into the sink for dishes. I use the dispenser for my soap which you fill by simply pulling up on the pump head and the pump and tube come out to fill the bottle directly.

I really like the Haysfield faucet as a great kitchen faucet that has the benefit of the single handle and the added soap dispenser makes doing dishes a bit easier as well as keeping the sink area tidy. Installation was really easy without having to buy extra water lines due to the long supply lines and the faucet really adds a bit of elegance even if the rest of your kitchen needs updating.

Moen includes their limited lifetime warranty which states that they will replace any part that is bad due to workmanship or material defect as well as replace any cartridges that develop leaks. I highly recommend the Moen Haysfield Stainless Steel One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet as a fantastic kitchen faucet that is warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser’s house.

Haysfield @ Moen

Haysfield @ Home Depot

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