Product Review: Proctor Silex 57171 7-Speed Blender

About 10 years ago my “good” blender broke. I am not going to mention the name brand of this expensive blender, but it was one of the higher end blenders and I had it for less than 2 years when the motor burned out. I was very dissapointed, to say the least. The warranty had run out so it was time to shop for a new blender. I cautiously researched blenders and then proceeded to visit numerous kitchen stores and appliance stores to see what blenders were available and compare prices, sturdiness, features, and overall look. I figured if the motor burned out on my good one I should be looking for a stronger motor, something that uses more watts.

After all my comparison shopping I was still clueless as what to buy because I DID have the good blender in the first place and it broke! So, I procrastinated my decision and one day I was In Target perusing the kitchen appliances and I saw a Proctor Silex blender on clearance for only $10. The original price was about $30. I decided I would get this blender with the expectations that it would last for about 30 days. In the meantime it would delay my need to decide which higher end blender I would buy. I felt lost without a blender so I would rather have a $10 blender than none at all.

Every time I went to use that blender I would announce, “Hey look it still works”. I kept waiting for it to break. 30 days went by and it didn’t break. 6 months went by and it didn’t break. 5 years went by and it didn’t break. 9 years went by and it finally broke. But let me clarify, the blender didn’t break, I broke it! I dropped the plastic jar and it cracked. So in reality, if I weren’t so careless, this cheap blender would still be working.

Now it was time to blender shop again. I immediately chose the Proctor Silex 57171 7-Speed Blender because Proctor Silex already proved itself to me. I found one on for $18.99, which is an amazing price. To get the free super saver shipping I just added a small item to my shopping cart so I could tally up to $25. You would be hard pressed to find a blender under $25 at any bricks and mortar store.

So, now I have the cheapest blender you can imagine (in price) and it is a 7-speed blender that holds 48 ounces, has an easy clean base, the lid fits securely and even the jar itself cleans easily! The buttons are simple to press and the machine itself feels lightweight so it is easy to move back and forth between counter top and inside a kitchen cabinet. What pleases me most, however is that it doesn’t sound as noisy as other blenders I have heard and used before and it has some strong action. The motor just kicks in and smoothie making seems faster than ever and making frozen drinks is a breeze. I am impressed at this deal. Cheap price and this blender does everything I need it to. I use frozen fruits with juice to make smoothies. I use frozen concentrated juice to make sorbet. I use it to mix salsas and hand-made veggie burger mixes. Every time I use this blender I smile because it has exceeded my expectations. I have been using it for several months now and it is as perky as ever. I hand wash the jar and it hasn’t even gotten scratched up.

If you are looking for an inexpensive blender that is both dependable and works how a blender should, then you can’t go wrong with this Proctor Silex 57171 7-Speed Blender. I highly recommend it.

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Proctor Silex 57171 7-Speed Blender

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