Product Review: Rival 16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan

Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan

Electric skillets can be both fun and convenient. I remember years ago attending an outdoor picnic where I first discovered an electric skillet. The host brought the skillet to the picnic table and served bratwurst with peppers and onions and mushrooms. The food was tender and juicy.I was fascinated by this appliance. I was unaware of its existence before then, and desired to know how people used them. Why would someone own one if they own a frying pan? I learned that electric skillets could cook everything from Asian fried rice to fried chicken to stroganoff to steaks to desserts and even scrambled eggs. I was intrigued. I learned that some electric skillets could drain fats and oils that were unwanted. Electric skillets had temperature controls and could hold more than most stove top nonstick skillets and could act as a device for making stews or roasts or even baking. The beauty of the appliance is that the meal could be served directly from the pot on a table buffet set up.

I received a Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan as a gift. I had never shopped or owned an electric skillet before, so I had no personal experience with using one, other than having enjoyed a couple of meals from them in the homes of others. The Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan has a cook and serve pan. It has a glass lid which fits snugly and cool touch handles. It is priced at about $50.

What I liked:

The Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan cleaned easily after the first few uses. It worked great for stir-fry and roasted veggies. There’s an adjustable steam vent which is nice and it can hold enough food to feed about a dozen people, so it is handy for making multiple dishes for the holidays. I enjoyed taking the meal straight from the skillet and laying it on a towel on the table so people could serve themselves buffet style. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about getting any electrical parts wet when cleaning it since the pan was removable. I used a sponge to clean the metal unit from the outside, just like I would clean the outside container of the crockpot. I liked that this appliance was easy to figure out and use. Naturally I was pleased that it was nonstick. I could transport a meal by placing this unit in a box in the car trunk, and it would still stay warm or I could plug it in again to keep the food heated if needed. The overall size and depth of this Rival Electric Skillet seemed perfect. I liked being able to see the food cook through the glass lid. I liked that the temperature control was mounted in the front so I could change it and use it easily.

What I didn’t like:

Over time the nonstick coating would become scratched because you can’t control what utensils are going to be used with it when dealing with people at a buffet style dinner. You can’t control how roughly someone will handle those utensils either. Obviously that is not the fault of the manufacturer, however I have seen nonstick frying pans withstand the same treatment and still retain their nonstick coating better than this electric skillet. With decreased effectiveness of the nonstick coating, it naturally becomes more difficult to clean and more concerning about the safety of the product. I also didn’t like that the skillet shape inside was not flat. It is raised in the center. Because of this, the heating is not consistent or even across the whole cooking surface. Because of these problems I used the unit less and less until I decided it just took up too much valuable space in the kitchen.

In summary:

I am sure there are better performing electric skillets out there than the Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan. I would rather use the crockpot for portable cooking than this unit. The crockpot was half the price and is superior for having a cooking unit to feed a lot of people. I like the idea of an electric skillet more than I liked the Rival 12-by-16-Inch Oblong-Shaped Electric Skillet with Removable Pan. I may venture to try another electric skillet in the future, but it will certainly be one that has improved features over this one.

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