Product Review: Unifresh Natural Orange Scented Air Freshener

So many people are looking for all-natural products these days. Most want to avoid the harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals more commonly sold in stores. Air freshener is especially bad about containing chemicals and worse than many products because they are meant to be inhaled. The only problem is that people believe that many natural products do not work or they do not work well. Natural products that did not work in the past tend to make people think that the newer natural items will also not work.

It is important to try out different natural products to see which work best. Not every one will work well and with some brands, such as Earth Friendly Products brand, one product may work well while another does not work at all. I was very disappointed with the Earth Friendly Products dish soap, for example, but their laundry detergent is the best and their air freshener is fabulous!

Earth Friendly Products manufactures a natural line of air freshener called Uni-Fresh which comes in several different fragrances including citrus, lavender, and cinnamon. I came across this brand when searching for something that my husband could use in the bathroom. We had tried some non-natural brands, but they stung our noses and smelled horrible. We wanted something safer.

Of three scents available to us at the store, I chose the citrus scent. I love the smell of sweet oranges and thought that it would be nice in the bathroom. Not only that, but because it is natural, my husband can use it in the bathroom while he is still in there without fumigating himself out of the room.

I absolutely love the citrus (orange) scented Uni-Fresh air freshener made by Earth Friendly Products. The smell is very strong and sweet and lasts as long as chemical air fresheners. It is also non-toxic, so it is a great natural alternative. Instead of smelling like chemicals, our house now smells like sweet oranges.

Uni-Fresh is safe to use around children and pets because it contains no harsh chemicals. It is made from 100% natural food grade orange oil, so it will leave no chemical residue behind. It is also quite strong, so just one or two sprays will leave your room smelling sweetly fragrant. A small bottle can last you over a year.

Uni-Fresh orange air freshener is safe to use in your children’s rooms and is a great way to freshen up the diaper pail. You can also use it to cover up pet odors and stale air without having to open windows in winter. What a great way to avoid allergenic chemical air fresheners!

Uni-Fresh air freshener does not use aerosol. A fine-misting bottle is used instead which delivers a small squirt of mist into the air which dissipates quickly. For a faster effect, I like to spray while the fan is on. The packaging is also recyclable, so it is very earth-friendly.

If you are looking for an effective natural air freshener, I highly recommend Uni-Fresh citrus scent (orange) air freshener made by Earth Friendly Products. It is completely natural and safe to use and is better for you, your family, and the environment.

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