Product Review: Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface Made with Greenlist Ingredients

For many years, I used Windex products only to be slightly offended by their strong odor. Recently I found a new Windex product marketed in a clear formula and made with Greenlist ingredients. This Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface bottle contained a hefty 32.5 ounces and had a more ergonomically designed bottle than the traditional Windex bottles.

Seeking something to clean my car windows and more importantly my mosaic tabletop, I purchased it. Most enticing through, was the Greenlist concept. Greenlist products contain ingredients that are environmentally responsible. This product in particular contains neither ammonia nor phosphorous.

When spraying, I was rather surprised by this new Windex formulation. Gone were the harsh smelling ingredients and the new smell was actually pleasant. Thinking this was maybe a “weaker formulation”, I decided to try it on my mosaic table. My environmentally- friendly Windex cleaned both the tiles and grout with no problem, and on the first try. In fact, my grout had been stained with a red color and it immediately came clean.

Next, it was time to try the car windows. A few sprays on both the interior and exterior auto glass and they were cleaned. I didn’t know if it was the paper towels or not, but I did not seem to have any “paper towel shredding” which I used to get when using the old, blue Windex formula.

So, would I recommend this new environmentally- friendly cleaning product? You bet! I like the fact that it is not only better for the Earth, but has a pleasant smell, comfortable feeling bottle and is very effective on a variety of surfaces. In fact, tonight I used it to clean some dust from some built Lego models. Not only did they smell clean and fresh, but it restored the brick’s shine formerly covered by dust.

I purchased my bottle of Windex Vinegar Multi-surface at Publix and paid about $3.50. The product is marketed as a cleaner designed for glass and mirrors (both automotive and household), granite (sealed surfaces) and marble (sealed surfaces), stainless steel products, ceramics and other products (some which I have described).

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