Product Review – 8 Pound Oreck Vacuum

We’ve all seen those commercials for the ‘8 Pound Oreck’ vacuum, heralded as a breakthrough in lightweight effective cleaning gear. Read on to see if if measures up to those claims…

Weight ~
The 8-pound Oreck really is lightweight. Weighing less than a toddler, you can heft it up the stairs with one hand, leaving the other free for the handrail. That’s an important safety concern, because dragging a heavier vacuum can throw you off balance, and can cause back problems from repetitive lifting. The Oreck can easily be used to vacuum stair-steps, without worries of the user being pulled off-balance.

Low profile ~
The head of the 8-pound Oreck Vacuum is just 4 1/2 inches tall at its highest point. That means it easily slides under furniture without getting jammed. That’s convenient because you won’t need to move the furniture to vacuum under the edges. It’s also a time-saver, since you can quickly vacuum the whole house without have to stop to rearrange anything. And, of course, you’ll save wear and tear on your back by not having to lift that furniture.

Convenient switch ~
Unlike some vacuums that have an inconvenient foot switch, leading you to lean off-balance and stretch for it, the 8-pound Oreck has a thumb switch on the handle. The thumb switch is very well-located, so that you won’t have to fumble for it. That convenience makes it less likely that users will fail to turn the vacuum off when they need to step away from it, even briefly. Making safety convenient makes people less likely to get careless.

Durable cord ~
The 8-pound Oreck vacuum has a nice thick durable power cord. It holds up to being run over by the vacuum, (which we all do on occasion!). The cord resists kinking and doesn’t crimp easily. With other vacuums, a weak cord is often the part of the vacuum that fails first, making the whole unit useless. The power cord on the 8-pound Oreck is clearly built to last the lifetime of the vacuum.

Cord drop ~
The handle of the 8-pound Oreck has a convenient ‘cord drop’ feature that saves you from having to unwind the cord by hand. Just twist the cord drop, and the entire length of power cord is available immediately. This feature also helps prevent tangles of the cord, since there’s no twisting and turning and you go. The power cord is also really long, so that you can plug it in once and go through several rooms, or up the stairs, without running out of length.

Suction ~
The 8-pound Oreck vacuum has the quality suction that you would normally associate with much larger vacuums. The Oreck’s suction is impressive, especially since the motor is so quiet.

Overall the 8-pound Oreck vacuum looks like an excellent value that lives up to its advertised claims.

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