Product Review – The Pledge Duster Plus

The Pledge Duster Plus is a handled duster that comes with a multi-surfaced spray, which allows you to clean all surfaces in your house without having to use numerous cleaning products. This product saves you time and money, all while giving you a clean and fresh smelling house.

The kit comes in a neon-green box and includes two bonus duster refills. The easy-grip yellow handle (which measures around a foot in length) looks like a two-pronged fork which allows you to slip the duster right over it. It also has a bendable top to allow you to reach into awkward places and the 0.8 fl oz (26.6 mL) multi-surfaced duster spray hooks right into the handle so you are free to not clutter up your hands with a big bottle of fluid. The spray is not oily, has a fantastic, fresh lemony scent and can be sprayed directly onto the surface or on the duster itself, though the box does warn about not spraying directly onto surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and electronics. The liquid is also combustible so do be careful where you store this and like all cleaning products, keep it out of the reach of children and pets and do not mix with other cleaners.

This combination kit has helped me in terms of productivity. I can go from the shelves and blinds to the computer and ceiling fan in far less time than I spend using a conventional cloth and polishing spray.

I did discover, however, that when the duster gets about halfway dirty it starts leaving streaks on surfaces like the television or framed photographs, which in turns causes you to either go back over it with a glass cleaning solution, use the Pledge spray and a cloth or to go back to the store and buy more of the duster refills. It does leave a great scent though and that alone is enough for me to put in the extra few seconds cleaning the streaks.

Some tips that come with the box are: spray smears and smudges directly with the spray for best performance, do not spray on bathtubs and floors as these will become hazardous slippery areas, do not wash the duster and also do not spray or use on hot objects such as light bulbs.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons and this is a product that actually makes cleaning fun. The Pledge Duster Plus can be found at all grocery stores, discount stores and some dollar stores and runs around an average of $4.99 in price.

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