Prom Preperations in Advance

School has started back up, and befoe you know it, it will be Prom night for many high school students around the country. The girls will be wearing breathtaking formal dresses they spent months picking out. Boys will wear tuxedos – some reluctantly. Before you begin your search, and spend a load of cash you may or may not be able to afford, I have some tips that will save both time and money.

Rent the dress – and shoes. If you think about it, there is no need to purchase a formal dress and matching shoes for Prom. More often than not, we won’t have to attend another formal event in the same year, and even if you have a little sister to save the gown for, the style will be outdated, and others may remember her big sis already wore it.

Don’t put off dress or tuxedo shopping. If you wait too close to Prom night, the best selections are already taken and scheduled to rent by someone else. By reserving your formal attire a few weeks before the magic night, you will have a better chance of getting what you want. Also, many people don’t realize that prom dresses and tuxedos are altered to fit before you leave the store with them. The formal shop will set up an appointment for fitting about two or three weeks before the day you are to rent the attire, so make sure you keep that appointment!

Dates should go the same shop. The reasoning for this is simple. The boy’s cummerbund and tie should match the primary color of the girl’s dress. To get a great match, make sure the tuxedo and dress are picked from the same formal shop. It’s not necessary that they go at the same time, unless the dress was purchased and not rented. If she rented her dress, the shop will have it still there for alterations and pickup, and the clerk can go to the back to get her dress for color matching.

Book salon appointments at least a month in advance. The month of Prom is the worst time for finding a hairdresser. Most salons are booking far in advance to ensure that their regular clientele can still get their hair done as well. There won’t be many salons with any openings the week of Prom, so to ensure that you can get an appointment on the afternoon of Prom night, you will need to reserve your spot.

Full service salon, or not? Figure out if you will need to get a manicure or pedicure before making your salon appointment. To save time, you will be better off booking an appointment at a full service salon so that you won’t have to drive from place to place. If everything can be done in one stop – you will have a less frustrating afternoon. If you want the French manicure look, but are low on money, you can buy glue on French manicure nails at any discount store that look like acrylic nails for about $5.00.

Watch your diet the month of Prom. Not only will watching what you eat and drink ensure that your formal attire will fit when you pick it up, but it will also help avoid any sudden acne outbreaks that may make you self-conscious about taking Prom pictures. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, and water will help keep your figure and complexion in tip top shape for Prom.

Don’t forget the flowers. While it is customary for the boy to buy a corsage for the girl, it’s also important that the girls not forget the boutonniere for her date. You may have to go to the florist a week or two in advance, if the color of flowers you will need are not common. The florist can sometimes dye flowers to match certain color schemes, but they may need advance notice to purchase the correct dye, or just order the flowers needed.

Rent the limousine with friends. If you and your date want to arrive at Prom in style via a limousine, having friends chip in and split the cost will save you a few bucks and the ride will be more fun sharing with your best friends.

Using these tips should make the process of preparing for your big night less stressful, so that you can concentrate on the best part of Prom night – having fun and making memories that last a lifetime.

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