Pure Genius

The more I dwell on salvation through Jesus Christ, the more it occurs to me the remarkable genius behind the entire scheme of it. We, being the wretch sinners before coming to the knowledge of truth; that being Christ, were indeed hopeless and lost to that eternal home of Hell; all of which was due to the failing of our common ancestors Adam and Eve.

Yet knowing the span of human action and history, God had foreknew exactly the price need to pay for the soul of man. It began by introducing us, or should I say the Hebrews, to the law. Now the law only reveals sin, for how can one know what stealing is if God has not told us and incited its consequences. All of us have broken at least one commandment (being more than ten), therefore as the scripture says to break on law is to break them all.

Knowing that man could not keep the law, we would then as ask the disciples, “Then who can be saved?” The rightful and eternal reply was given “With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Thus through time, prophets spoke the coming of the Messiah, who taking all our unrighteousness upon himself, delivered his soul, that is his life, as a propitiation for sin for all mankind.

This is where, to my small understanding, (may God show mercy to it) the genius comes through: God is holy. There is no way around it, and no darkness is in Him. We have darkness in us, due to the facts state prior. God sending his son, the Word in flesh, allows himself to suffer above any creature hence, so his blood may cover us in order that God the Father may bestow his undying mercy to us, if we accept the sacrifice.

It is almost as if God tricks himself – and may I say that God cannot be tricked, for there is no plan nor scheme that can succeed against the Lord, but I mention this crude term to show the amazing involvement of Love from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who lives in every saint under the blood of Jesus Christ.

And to that I say God plan is pure genius.

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