Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Your Child in a New School

Vacationing isn’t the only thing that lots of Americans will do this summer, a lot of people will be moving. In the midst of moving most people usually assume, the neighborhood is nice and the school will be too. That’s not always the case and there are some things to know before enrolling your child in that new school.

If you were happy with your child’s last school, then find compare the two. Ask questions, here’s a sample of some common questions you may want to ask:

1) Do your children’s teacher hold a degree in the subject they are teaching? If so, does the school offer information about teacher credentials?

2) If your child is falling behind in a subject, what forms of communication will be used to inform you? (e-mail, postal mail, letter sent home with student, phone call, etc..) How long would it be before the teacher would notify you.

3) Does the school offer extra assistance for children who need more help with their studies, afterschool program, weekend, summer school or are you left to find your own tutur if needed?

4) Ask how the school is recognized by the district, make sure it’s not the most violent school in the area.

5) If your child has a special need, from bladder control problems to language barriers, make sure the school is adequately prepared for your child.

6) Does the school ever send out questionares to allow parents to evaluate their children’s teachers? If so, ask for a copy of the results.

7)Are there any dress codes or particular disciplinary rules, find out if you can get a copy of them.

8) Does the school send out progress reports or is there any information available online about your child’s work?

9) If your child is into sports, ask about their athletic programs.

10) Ask about the attendance policy, see if you can get a copy so you can understand what classifies as a tardy or absent day.

Don’t fall into the trap that many fall into! Don’t go on the word of an aged neighbor who doesn’t have children in school or a realtor who wants to make a quick buck by vaguely answering quetions. Finally, if you aren’t getting answers you’re looking for, try another school!

My mother always said, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then chances are likely it’s a duck!” It’s a lot easier if you pick the right school the first time.

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