Questions to Ask when Selecting a Pediatrician

With the high cost of health insurance these days, it is important to receive the best service for the money. Finding the right doctor to take care of your children is paramount. When searching for a pediatrician remembers that all doctors are not created equal. As with other services, comparisons must be made to find a provider that meets all of your expectations. Here are a few criteria that should be considered when choosing a pediatrician.

1. Can you meet with me? Before employer decide to hire new employees, they first meet with them and ask questions. Doing the same with a potential pediatrician for your children is not only smart but prudent. Call the office and ask for a time when you can meet with the doctor and learn about their credentials and their practice.

2. What insurance plans do you accept? I don’t know of anyone who can afford the cost of a doctor who is “out-of-network”. Besides, if you are paying the premiums, make full use of the insurance. Some smaller practices are limited in the number of health insurance plans they will accept. If your employer does not offer a widely known health insurance carrier, a larger practice may be more likely to accept your health plan.

3. What are your hours of operation? Weekend hours are a godsend for any parent of a rambunctious child. Waiting until Monday morning to see the pediatrician about an earache, croupy cough, or minor injury can seem like an eternity. If you are a parent who works long hours during the week, Saturday hours provide a convenient, stress-free time for visits to the pediatrician.

4. Will I see you each time I come? It is nice to know that you will see the pediatrician you interviewed when you come in for your child’s appointment. Some larger practices will give you an appointment time and your child may be examined by another pediatrician in the practice if yours is not available. An unfamiliar doctor may be uncomfortable for the child as well as the parents. Make sure that this is not the normal protocol of the practice. If your pediatrician is not available during a certain day, you should be informed of this when you call.

5. Do you specialize in a particular area? A child with asthma or severe allergies, to name a few, may need more specific care. A pediatrician with knowledge above what is generally known about a certain condition would be an asset to you and your child. They can keep you informed about new treatment options and prescribe the best course of treatment, given their expertise.

6. What is your facility like? Is their office clean? Are there enough chairs in the waiting area? Is their equipment up to date? All of these things are important to observe during your interview or the first visit. A cramped waiting room could be a sign that the pediatrician schedule’s patients too closely together. Your one o’clock appointment may actually take place at 3:30. Up to date equipment is a sign that your pediatrician is current with advances in medical technique. Their patients will benefit from this.

Choosing the right pediatrician may take some time, but it is well worth the effort. Parents will rest easier knowing that their children are in competent hands. Children are a gift from above and their care should be no less stellar.

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