Quick Beauty and Personal Care Tips for Nails, Skin and Hair

Have you ever been faced with a situation concerning beauty or personal care where you didn’t have what you needed to fix a serious problem? Most of us have. Breaking a nail is one example. Get stuck with a broken nail and no clippers or nail file and you’re in big trouble. Or, at least, so it seems.

There are some quick tips for repairing broken nails in a hurry. One is to use super glue to hold the nail. If the nail is torn into the quick it’s a very painful thing but a drop of super glue will prevent further pain and hold the nail in place. Just know that the polish under the super glue will not come off with polish remover. It must wear off or come off with the super glue, whenever it loses its grip. And, unless you get lucky and the super glue goes on perfectly smooth, there will be a lumpiness to the texture of the nail, where the super glue is.

Something that works similarly is nail shellac and bathroom tissue. If the nail has cracked horizontally brush on a coat of clear nail shellac. Tear a tiny piece of bathroom tissue and put over the crack. When dry, shellac once again. The shellac will hold the tissue to the nail. The tissue and shellac work together to make a brace for the nail. It may be necessary to use more than one layer of shellac and tissue and the patch will be noticeable as a lump on the nail.

Hair can give women – and men – all sorts of troubles. One such problem is static electricity. Walking around with hair sticking straight out isn’t a fabulous look for most people. A quick way to get rid of the static is to spray your brush with hair spray then run it through your hair. Even if you don’t have a comb or brush you can apply some hair spray to your hair and use your hands to smooth the hair down, ending the electric static.

A dryer sheet is a really fast way to get rid of the static electricity. Simply rub the hair with the dryer sheet. In cases of severe static electricity it may be necessary to dampen the dryer sheet or your hair before rubbing. Another way to end the electricity is to get the hair wet. Although this is a temporary solution it might aid you if you need to have straight hair fast.

One other way to tame unruly hair is to use lotion. This should be a last ditch effort and done only if there are no other choices, because lotion will make the hair appear oily. Rub lotion into your hands and when almost dry, run your hands through your hair. Although oily hair won’t be immediately evident, as the day wears on, it will become more and more oily-looking. Wash hair as soon as possible after using this method.

Oily hair and no time to wash and dry it? Use baby powder to absorb the oil. Sprinkle baby powder onto the hair and work it in well. Now spray hairbrush with hair spray and turn head upside-down to remove excess powder. The hair spray will control the static electricity which develops from using the baby powder, and will also cause the excess powder to stick to the brush. Wash hair and hairbrush as soon as possible.

If there’s simply no time for all of that pull hair into a bun, on top of the head, then spray with hair spray and use hands to smooth the top of the hair. The hair will look sleek and office-suitable. This also works if your hair is wet and there’s just no time to dry it.

Is it hot and sticky where you live? Don’t perspire everywhere but your underarms. Use baby powder or talcum powder to stay fresh and cool. Powder absorbs moisture, smells good, and keeps you cool. Use it behind the neck, on the back, under breasts, between thighs, and on feet. You’ll stay cooler and feel fresher all day.

Wake up in the morning and your skin is oily? Not a problem. Scoop up dry oatmeal into both hands and place your face into the palms of your hands. Rub – don’t scrub – the oatmeal all over the face, particularly around the nose, chin and forehead areas. Rinse with cool water for 2 minutes.

Up in the morning with flaky skin? Rub lotion into your hands then on your face. Lotion will get rid of flakiness and make skin soft – if only for that day. It may be necessary to repeat the lotion treatment several times throughout the day, depending upon how severe your dry skin condition is.

There’s no need to suffer through beauty emergencies. There are plenty of steps you can take to correct mistakes, fix breaks, and get cool and confident. Give some of these tips a try and you’ll be convinced, too.

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