Quick Ice Skating Outfits You Can Make Yourself

Ice skating outfits are beautiful, sparkly, and designed not to hinder the skater’s movements. You don’t have to spend a fortune on ice skating outfits, though. You can easily make several different designs yourself.

A body suit with long sleeves, or a one-piece bathing suit, is a good place to start when it comes to making ice skating outfits. Choose ones with a solid color then add your own decorations. Or, choose a busier pattern then add filmy skirts and other accessories. Keep in mind that bathing suits are usually of a thicker material whereas body suits can be found in filmy types or other thin fabrics. Also, try to find bathing suits of a simple design rather than ones with gathers or fancy stitching.

Although it might seem tedious to add sequin to the body suit, new notions make it very simple. The sequin are pre-sewn on elastic or fabric and are simply stitched to the body suit. The elastic or fabric choices make it easy to add the sequin around necklines, arm openings, or cuffs.

Fashion cording, in glittery or metallic designs, are also an easy way to jazz up an ordinary bathing suit design. Shape the cording into floral designs, outline necklines or limb openings, or even monogram the outfit with the cording.

Faux jewels sparkle on the rink and add class to any outfit. The jewels are generally sold in a pack and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Fabric glue makes it easy to attach the jewels to any location on the bathing suit. Try placing tiny ones down the long sleeves of the body suit or larger ones at random places on the suit.

Purchase filmy silk, fashionable lace, or pastel satin to make mini skirts that go over the bathing suit. It’s easy to make the skirt by wrapping the fabric around your waist, then cutting to fit. Cut it short and use velcro, snaps, buttons or even elastic to hold the skirt in place. Edge the hem with glitter cord or metallic thread.

There are many designs for the skirt: Cut at an angle from the hem to opposite side, making it shorter on one side than the other. Or, scallop the edges and leave the skirt open in front, just fastening at the waist. You can also cut the skirt to points at the hemline, giving it a tattered look.

Make a band that fits your waist then use lots of gathers to make the skirt. That way, the waist will fit perfectly and leave you with a skirt that is very full and flowing. Cut it short in front and long in back or just choose a short length for the skirt.

Redo the bathing suit in many different ways. One way is to use netting, shimmery see-thru fabric or even lace to make inserts. Cut a design out of the body suit then replace the shape with the new fabric. For instance, cut a heart shape out of the front then sew in the lace shape. Surround the shape with sequin.

Another way to remodel the bathing suit is to cut a portion of it off and replace it with something else. Lay the bathing suit out on a table and cut from one side hip area to the opposite side bust area. Move down about four or five inches from those cuts and cut once again. This will remove a large, angled section from across the front stomach area that can be replaced with see-thru fabric.

You can also cut the back to where it comes to a point very low on the back, then replace the cutout section with see-thru fabric. Even if you haven’t made it to the top in ice skating, your outfits can look very professional with little time and effort. Visit a nearby fabric store to see the latest glittery notions and get even more ideas.

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