Adding Edge to Business Wear

Today the dress code for most businesses has become more relaxed. Some places still require business attire but most have gone to business casual. However, both styles can become boring, repetitive and hard to show off your personality. This is particularly true for women who spend as little money as possible on basic work clothes.

Now more than ever it’s become important for ladies to express individuality. Even if a workplace has down graded to business casual it may still seem hard to slip any bit of individuality into drab work clothes.

Here are a few ideas that will give any lady’s work wear a little more edge as well as keep the price down. They should slide by the dress code rules. And while they may not be unique ideas they can help inspire trendy women to break away from those not so interesting outfits.

Most women think if there’s a skirt they must wear pumps or conservative sling-backs. It’s not true. Knee high boots are fashionable and they are cute. Boots with a moderate heel can make an outfit livelier. It’s not a common chose so it gives the outfit an unexpected look. Boots can look professional as long as they stay below the knee.

Women have one standard outfit. It’s called the black suit. Even if it’s not a suit it’s black pants/skirt and the black shirt. It goes with everything. Of course while it does match anything it can be dull. Why not wear your all black attire with a wild color or patterned shoe? It will still let you wear your basic outfit yet let you stand out from everyone else who has donned their “black suit”. Just remember the shoes must be cute because everyone’s eyes will draw right to them.

Just about every woman has her standard blazer. It’s probably tailored to fit her form perfectly and it looks fabulous. So do you want to wear that same boring button-up shirt under it? That’s what everyone is wearing. What about wearing a shirt that tells the world a little something about the person who’s wearing it? Baby-tees have become extremely popular and it’s not hard to find a shirt that says just about anything. There are shirts now from movies, T.V. shows, bands and so many other things that it’s near impossible not to find one that shows personality, so wear it under a blazer. If there is a situation that occurs where it’s not appropriate, button up the blazer and continue to show off that fabulous shape.

Skirts come in many different lengths and now so do pants. It’s becoming easier to find suit jackets to match pants that no longer go to the ankle. Now is the time to venture out and try on crop, capri and gaucho pants with your business casual. They aren’t denim and they aren’t shorts so they should still fit in the dress code while giving ladies a break from the everyday pants. These styles will also give relief on hot days since they won’t require the wearing of nylons, which comes along with most skirts.

Accessories are a great way to make any wardrobe better. Jewelry, belts, scarves and even hats can make everyone in the office take notice of a person. Simple jewelry can be nice but how about throwing in a few pieces that are more interesting. Try wearing larger hoop earrings or a colorful, chunky necklace.
Scarves and belts are becoming more creative. When wearing a plain outfit, adding a metallic belt or a patterned scarf can drastically change the way you look.
And remember don’t be afraid of hats. It might be a judgment call on whether to wear them to the work place but even the simplest of hats draw attention to uniqueness.

Hair can be an easy way to express one’s self and a simple way to alter the way a person looks. It doesn’t have to be crazy just keep trying different styles. Go from up one day to down the next or go from straight, to wavy, and then to curly.

No matter how it’s decided to add flare to a wardrobe, it is important to remember that, while using clothes for expression, short skirts, low-cut shirts and tight-fitting clothes are not the best way to go when it comes to maintaining a professional look.

All of these ideas can have everyone wishing they dressed that way and guessing what they’ll see next. Adding life to a wardrobe takes a little confidence but it shows that a woman is still her own person. It will make anyone stand out to clients, co-workers and their boss but won’t offend anyone. All while remaining cost efficient and fashionable.

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