Real Estate Trends in Today’s Market

Real estate trends are defined as what features are hot commodities in homes today. What features are buyers looking for. More importantly, real estate trends are what features buyers are willing to pay for. Having these features in your home can increase how much money you sell your home for as well as the speed at which your home sells. Keeping these features in mind when you buy your home is a definite plus when it comes time for you to sell again.

Hardwood floors are have been a major real estate trend in throughout most of history and they continue to be. Hardwood floors are probably the most important feature to invest in when updating your home. Refinishing wood floors or installing new wood floors adds instant value to a home. Your investment will definitely return to you when you sell your home. Hardwood floors offer longevity, and buyers want that. Not only will they look good for a long period of time, they will always be in style. Durability and style are definitely two valued features in the home. There are few other features in the home that stand the test of time the way hardwood floors do.

Another real estate trend in homes today is granite slab counter tops. Granite, granite, granite; everyone wants granite, specifically granite slabs. It adds class and extravagance to any dÃ?©cor. Buyers do not want to see grout lines today. Grout lines are difficult to clean and break up the appearance of counter tops. Granite is a hard and non-porous material; this offers easy clean up and low maintenance, two key features in any home decor. You don’t have to worry about setting down a hot pot on granite counter tops; it does not scorch. If you can’t afford granite there are alternatives. Corian, Silestone, concrete, and marble are all great alternatives that provide an updated look with no grout lines. Even less expensive is butcher block. This is a great surface to cut on and warms up any kitchen decor from country to contemporary.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are a huge real state trend in today’s market. Stainless steel began to appear in the home kitchen during the last decade and have virtually made any other appliance surface completely outdated. Black and white appliances are a thing of the past and can definitely date your kitchen. Stainless steel adds a bit of professional sheen to any kitchen decor, which appeals to a large market of buyers. Stainless steel makes a home kitchen look like a professional kitchen, causing buyers to believe they will be great cooks, or at least look like they are great cooks.

Pre-organized closets are next on the list of hot commodities in real estate trends. Closet organizers make buyers believe they will be organized. Organization brings peace of mind and eliminates stress; two components that may not be a physical aspect of your home, but that should not be overlooked. Melamine shelves in white are one of the biggest sellers at home improvement stores. The old wire shelving styles are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Smooth surfaces with drawers and the ability to be reconfigured easily are what is hot today. An organized closet creates excitement in a buyer. They envision stress free mornings quickly choosing what they will wear to work. You are not only selling a home, you are also selling a lifestyle. A carefree lifestyle will always bring more money than a high maintenance one.

Amazing fixtures are considered to be the jewelry of the home in real estate trends. Coordinated fixtures can tie a room together, giving a touch of class to any style. Even a simple outfit can be made fantastic with the right jewelry and the same goes for fixtures. We have all lived in a house that has the basic run of the mill faucets and light fixtures, so it is easy to recognize when you have something a cut above and unique. Updating these features in your home does not have to be expensive. A trip to the local home improvement store will offer a large variety of faucets and fixtures that can take you away from developer grade products.

Built ins rank high among current real estate trends. Buyers view these as free furniture. A great place to put more stuff. Everyone needs more storage and organization and built ins offer this to buyers. Built ins add instant class and tell buyers you have a quality home that was well thought out and executed.

Entryways are also a hot commodity in homes today. The first impression should always be the best. Greeting your guests or potential buyers with an amazing front door can set the tone fro an experience they won’t forget. A quality front door lets people know your home is of the highest standard and that you take care of it. Front halls are also important. No one enjoys walking directly into his or her living room. If you are lucky enough to have a foyer, you should definitely make it shine. Put a great color on the wall and make sure you have a great piece of furniture if there is room. Hang a fabulous chandelier to create a great mood. If you don’t have an entryway, there are ways to create the feel of one. Space permitting, screens as well as other large pieces of furniture can be placed in a way meant to separate it from the rest of your home. Most of all keep it free of clutter.

Light is an important feature in home s today. Light can completely change the mood of a room in a matter of seconds. Windows are great, but what do you do if you don’t have enough windows? Recessed lighting is the answer. Recessed lighting frees up floor space, by eliminating the need for floor lamps. Because they are recessed they allow the eye to travel over them and not stop. Recessed lighting does not draw attention away from other great features in your home; it actually serves to highlight them. Four inch opening are the standard today and considered more modern than the six-inch openings. Halogen bulbs give a cleaner fresher look and provide an equal amount of light in a smaller bulb.

Bathrooms are important to buyers today. Real estate trends show that buyers want a bigger bathroom today then they did twenty years ago. Bigger is better, but quality is most important. If you are limited in size, you don’t have to be in the quality of your bathroom. Removing that huge sheet of mirror and installing a beautifully framed mirror can add instant value. Recessed lighting works great in a small space. Another popular trend is using sconces on either side of the mirror. This lighting is more flattering to the face then the huge globe bulbs that have been everywhere for the last thirty years. Adding unique character to your bathroom is the trend today. Cookie cutter rooms are passÃ?©. Simple is better in a small space, so you can focus on one trend and keep the rest of the bathroom clutter free and modern.

Open spaces have been a real estate trend for a couple decades now and remain as popular in homes today. Buyers want rooms that flow into one another. Kitchens that flow into a great room or family room are hugely popular. If you live in an older home try knocking out a wall here or there. It will open rooms up and make your home feel more modem and larger. More square footage has always been a trend. If you can’t afford to add more square footage than removing a wall and creating the feel of more room may be the best route to take.

Homebuyers today are savvier than ever and so is their style. Current trends are a must have in home today, especially if you want top dollar. Whether your home is new construction or an old Victorian, these trends can work well for you.

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