Red Reign

We are the trees of many that held their leaves
that grew to heights unknown to thee.
With demarcate lines crawling from tip to toe
defining what was we.
Like the clouds on a sunless day
burgeon we were.
We created many, many trees
dense with burden.

They said the blame lay on ye and ye and ye
yet you see it was all on he.
He who splayed him self across the roots of trees
seeing only a mirror image of a god.
And we who saw this mere leaf as a god
fell to our knees and glorified his malevolence.
So blind were we not to see
the glee in carnage that glistened in his eye.
Time was the caress that hurt
as we fed more and more to he.
Like a cancer he grew
spreading his hell to the virgins whom had yet to see such war.
Yet still we laid reefs of hands and hearts
at his godly feet.
One by one forests began to crumble
falling to the depth of torture in which he made for them.
For they were not like he
the same he who sprouted from the tips of a tree.
For they were not like he
the same he who’s texture was velvet under thy finger.
For they were not like he
the same he who grew from sun and water.
They cried out in desperation
“we are no different from ye!”
Then he laughed
“yes, yes, yes you are, see me I am a god, see ye you are a nonentity!”

Long was the years
that thrashed across our spines.
Who would have thought
that old father time was to be our troy.
Sneaking up on he
unknown to even we.
And so it was
that this leaf was no god.
When old father time
ripped at his leaflet.
Tearing he who was a god
to nothing but what was decomposed earth.

That was when we saw
the truth behind our lies.
He who was a god
was no god.
He who was a god
was a leaf, the leaf we made believe was a god.
So was it we or ye or he
with whom was to blame.
No matter till this day
we pray for no more red reign.

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