Remember Me

Remember those of you who grieve for me; not as I am now.
Remember me not in passing but in life,
by those whose life I enriched somehow.

Remember me not with tears of sorrow and pain,
but wish me well on my journey that I’m about to begin.
Know that I’ve gone before you and in time will see you again.

I’ve lived a full and bountiful life while I served God on this plain.
But now it is time to go back to see heaven again.

You must understand as you stand by this earthly body; that I’ve departed.
I request that you go on with your lives knowing that mine has just started.

You must not forget that there are loved ones of mine that have gone before me.
I’ve missed them so badly and I’m with them now even as you grieve.

I lived my life the way that I was meant too.
I married in love and raised children the way I was taught too.

Take this moment to let me give you a last piece of advice when you return to the race.
It isn’t how your life ends that counts, but how you live and those who you embrace.

Let me go peacefully my children and friends.
For me the best is just starting, at what appears to you the end.

I loved you and lived my life the best I knew how.
But now I am young again and proud,
to have left my mark on each of you somehow.

Leave my shell knowing my spirit now shines brightly as a new born star.
Go now and live your lives, knowing that I’m with you in spirit,
the distance between us is not very far.

May I leave you this way dignified as I was in my life.
Let me go softly, for I went gratefully in the night.

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