Remodeling Your Bathroom? – Consider Installing a Dual Flush Toilet

There are so many decisions to make when you are remodeling your bathroom. Some of the first things you might consider are the kind of tub/shower fixture you want, options for the sink/vanity, and the materials for your walls and floors. Usually, not much thought is put into the toilet, which is the most used fixture in your bathroom.

Instead of going to the local hardware store and picking up a conventional toilet, do a little research and check out your options. Most Americans don’t even know that you have options when it comes to buying a toilet. Sure, there are several different brands available with a wide price range, but how do you make a decision? Do you buy the cheapest because it does the same thing, or do you buy a more expensive model because you think it might be better? If you look around, you’ll see that many toilets available at the hardware store are pretty much the same. Be sure to check out your toilet options before remodeling your bathroom.

Many foreign countries have been using dual flush toilets for years. Some countries mandate installation of dual flush toilets in new buildings and homes. Americans are really behind the times here. Most of us have never even heard of dual flush toilets. If you inquire about them at the hardware store, the employees look at you like you’re crazy.

Now that I have your interest, you’re wondering why you should consider a dual flush toilet. Dual flush toilets are more efficient, and they are environmentally friendly. You use the full flush for big jobs, and the half flush for less waste. Depending on the brand of the toilet you buy, the full flush is about 1.6 gallons/flush, and the half flush is about 0.8 gallons/flush. A traditional toilet uses 2.9 gallons in a single flush. By installing a dual flush toilet, you will save a substantial amount of water.

Another feature of the dual flush system is that the toilets have gravity flush as opposed to the siphon system of the conventional toilet. They are designed with a wash-down system that directs 100% of the water through the rim to keep the bowl clean. You will also notice that the water level in the toilet bowl is much lower than a conventional toilet. Because of the gravity flush and the low level of water, there is much less water splashing when the toilet is flushed. Besides saving money on water, you will probably save money on plumbing problems. Dual flush toilets are very efficient and have very few problems. If you have a septic system, there will be less waste going into your system, so it will require less frequent pumping.

Dual flush toilets are available in one or two-piece toilets, with the traditional round seat or with elongated seats. Many of the seats are soft-close, which means that they lower themselves slowly with no chance of slamming down. Dual flush toilets are compatible with most current systems, but you should check the specifications before ordering your dual flush toilet.

There are many brands and styles of dual flush toilets available. You can order on-line and have the toilets delivered to your home, or you may be able to special order a dual flush toilet through your local hardware store. Although dual flush toilets are not popular in the United States yet, they are a smart choice. Be good to your wallet and the environment, and install a dual flush toilet.

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