Tips on How to Keep Your Lawn Mowed and Stay Cool at the Same Time This Summer

Mowing your lawn in June isn’t normally too bad temperature-wise around this part of the country. By July, however, things start to heat up. By the middle of the month on into August, air conditioners are being used almost continuously. The heat is often mixed with high levels of humidity that makes the weather sultry and even more uncomfortable, even when you’re just riding around on a lawn tractor. Outdoor tasks, such as mowing your grass with a push mower, can leave you drenched in sweat and feeling pale. Even the fallish days of September can be hot, sometimes clear into the end of the month. Which can make keeping the grass trimmed a warm task. Read this article and learn some valuable tips on how to keep your lawn mowed and stay cool at the same time this summer!

Tip #1 – Dress Cool, But Protect Yourself From the Heat
When you think of going out into the blistering sun, wearing as little as possible to keep cool probably enters your mind. Shorts, tank tops and sandals are usual summer apparel for guys and girls alike. And maybe a visor or a ball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. When you’re going out to mow your grass, though, it’s essential that you dress properly. That means, dress cool by wearing light, loose, comfortable clothing. Cotton fabrics are your best bet. Not only is it light, but it breathes. It will allow your body heat to escape. The heaviest material you’ll want to wear are cotton socks. Your feet will be able to get air while your socks will absorb the sweat.

As for headgear, visors and ball caps can only give you minimal protection from the sun. Ideally, you need to wear a wide-brimmed hat. That will help keep the sun from beating down on your face, and neck as well.

As for footwear, I always wear a pair of sturdy, hard-soled leather shoes whenever I mow my lawn. That way, my feet are protected from safety hazards. And, the leather allows my feet to get some air as well.

Tip #2 – Accessories Can Also Shield You From the Heat
Besides dressing properly so you can keep your lawn mowed and stay cool at the same time, you should use accessories as well. These can include portable umbrellas, wet bandannas, spritzing bottles, and the like. I have a portable umbrella I purchased several years ago. It’s designed to clamp onto the arm of a patio chair. I found that I can also clamp it onto the back of my lawn tractor seat to give me some much-needed shade when I’m mowing my grass in the hot summer heat.

You can also immerse a bandanna in cool water, then wring it out so it’s not sloppy wet. Then, tie it loosely around your neck before you go outside to trim your lawn. The bandanna will help protect your neck from the sun and keep you cool at the same time.

And finally, a small spray bottle filled with cool water can be used to spritz your face and arms from time to time. This is also helpful to ward off the heat. The spritzes of water will feel refreshing. And, as the water evaporates, it will cool your skin.

Tip #3 – Keep Yourself Hydrated; Drink Plenty of Cool Water
We’re told by the experts to drink six to eight glasses of water each and every day in order to keep our bodies properly hydrated.. This is especially important when you need to keep your lawn mowed and stay cool at the same time.

When you’re mowing your grass in the heat, stay away from caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, soda pop and energy drinks. Caffeine actually dehydrates your body.

Tip #4 – Mow Your Lawn During the Coolest Parts of the Day
In order to keep your lawn mowed and stay cool at the same time, the best times of the day to be outside is early in the morning and in the evening. Because the grass is sometimes wet from dew in the morning, I like to go out in the evening to trim my yard. Wet grass tends to clump up underneath the mower decks making it a necessity to stop periodically to clear the clogs out.

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