Rent a Wife

OK, here is a concept I had to laugh at the first time I heard about it until I got to thinking it actually makes since! Single men can ‘Rent a Wife’ to do cooking, gardening, cleaning or even hosting a party!

Now there are many sites where you can rent a wife let’s start with They will do everything from small errands around town, to paying your bills, grocery shopping, light book keeping, sending flowers and cards on holidays and birthdays and so much more. Now, their services range from $65 – $125 for a group of services. And they are very easy to deal with. Let me mention this is a Christian site too on top of all else !

Next we have Many of these companies are alike in many ways this company also offers cleaning and laundry but they will also so yard work, carpet cleaning and help pack and unpack from a move. PLUS they will also help with small house renovations. Let’s not forget they will also help throw an entire party, from start to finish! Let’s not forget to mention this company has been in business since 1987!

Now many of these Rent a wives offer assisted living options for those in needed of a little help around the house including setting up medications and doctors appointments.

Now while this video is in another language it is a funny view of the rent a wife concept. Please see this video here:

Now there is a Belgian site that is in Dutch and French offers a slightly different position on the rent a wife theory. On top of the cooking cleaning, yard work and finances this site offers a rent a wife that you can pick hair color, eye color, and measurements. They also offer other ‘wife’ services that may not be legal here in the States, if you catch my drift! I must add the sites here in The United States do not include escort services or any form of ‘companionship’.

One big thing with these companies is that that won’t work for women. Why you might ask? Many say women want too much ‘foo-foo’ stuff done and they are way too picky for most of the women working the agencies to handle!

Now after I did my research on the subject it sounds like a logical idea! Now I’m kicking myself for not coming up with it first!

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