Renting an RV in Bakersfield, California

Renting an RV in Bakersfield, California is a great way to tour this large state. Renting an RV in Bakersfield, California will allow you and your family to travel in comfort and style to more rural parts of this mountainous and coastal state. Try camping out while you are in California. They have a lot of National Parks perfect for evenings spent around toasty fire.

Traveling in an RV sets you free to travel and vacation at your own pace, not someone else’s. Pets are free to travel with you without checking ahead for rules and regulations regarding pet. Family members of all ages will be comfortable in your private RV. RV rentals eliminate the need to arrive at the airport hours early to wait in lines and then be cramped into a small business class seat meant for some one under five foot six. All of these conveniences make an RV perfect for family trips to the beach, traveling to sporting events, taking historical tours, or even visiting other family that may not have room for you to sleep over.

Pre-planned trips and tours can make your RV rental vacation even more satisfying. If scheduling an entertaining trip seems a little time consuming, then let the RV rental company do the work for you. Many RV rental companies offer pre-planned recorded trips that are sure to accommodate all that the West coast has to do. With this in mind, check out one of these great local RV rental companies in Bakersfield, California.

Pierce Truck Repair does not sound like an RV rental company, but do not let their name fool you. They carry a large selection of RVs available for rental. There rental RVs are a great way to drive off into the sunset with loved ones as well as friends. Some of their rental RVs can accommodate groups as large as nine people. For a more intimate vacation check out some of their RVs just for two! Pierce Truck Repair is located at 1500 East Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, California, 93307. For more information on RV rental rates or direction contact them at (661) 322-2861.

A&B RV Rentals is a full service RV rental company that carries a variety of pre-planned tours and trips that are ideal for a road trip through California. Some of the stops on pre-planned tours are great places to stop and campout for night. Rent some camping gear to go with your RV and you can spend a few nights roughing it out in the beautiful California landscape. An evening under the stars is great for a group of any size. Travelers of all ages will enjoy getting back to nature. If you do decide to camp out over night be sure to check in with your local campground for any rules and regulations they have. Their rules are for your own safety. A&B RV Rentals is located at 7620 Downing Avenue, Bakersfield, California, 93308. For more information on RV styles and availability contact the directly at (661) 587-2299.

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