There is Still Good in the World

Gale Brewer is a man who lives in the small village of Sorento, Il. He is a quiet humble man who spends his mornings at the local cafe drinking coffee with the townsfolk and his afternoons tinkering around with cars. He is far from being wealthy however he would give you anything you needed and help you in any way he can. He is just a all around good guy. Heck the waitresses at the cafe can sleep a extra 5 minutes in the morning because he makes it a point to be there first thing to see that the coffee is made before the doors open.

Gale was recently diagnosed with Cancer which came as quite a shock to his family and friends. However it hasn’t gotten him down. He is still at the cafe every morning and still outside working on cars. He is determined to live life to the fullest. Due to his treatments and his frequent hospital and Dr visits his bills were really starting to add up, however before he could even open his mouth to complain about it his friends stepped in and decided to throw him a benefit to help raise money for some of his expenses.

Flyers were put up advertising the benefit everywhere within a 25 mile radius. Donations were taken, businesses offered items to be auctioned off, and plans were underway to host a benefit at his favorite watering hole the local VFW. Gale and his family were both deeply touched by this generous gesture.

The benefit began with a dinner served betwen 4-6 pm. The auction was set to begin at 6. At 6 pm around the time the auction was set to begin, the place was standing room only. I would guess there were well over 200 people in attendance. The parking lot resembled a rock concert. I could not believe how many people were there, it seemed everyone who had ever met him was in attendance.

The auction started and because of the large outpouring of donations, lasted over 3 hours. People donated every thing from homemade pies to shot guns. It was rather touching as some of the businesses that donated had known reputations for being miserly. Bids were flying eveywhere and there was a spirit of just wanting to help in the air. Gale and his family were both deeply touched and humbled by the generosity of others.

As the evening wrapped up, and people were paying for their purchases there was no talk of how much money they spent, or of how many trips it would take them to load all of their purchased items in their cars. In every conversation I heard was people talking how Gale would do the same thing to help someone and it is the least they could do to help a friend. I was touched to see true compassion showed and genuine care and concern given to a man who just simply lives and is kind to those he sees.

It is said in times of trouble that you really see who your true friends are, Gale ,you have many of them.

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