Renting an RV in Georgia

RV rentals in the great state of Georgia are an affordable and convenient way to travel. RV rentals in Georgia lend themselves well to budget conscious group travelers who need a bang for their buck. Renting an RV eliminates the need for hotel rooms, eating in expensive restaurants, paying to board family pets, and expensive airline tickets. RV rentals are a convenient way to travel to your favorite beach, take in some historical sites, travel to a sporting event, or visit a family that may not have room for company in their home. Budget travelers can save even more renting an RV in Georgia by traveling in off peek months. RV rentals peek in mid June until mid August, when the kiddies return to school. Most RV rental companies decide their rates based upon supply and demand. Try traveling during one of the off peak months and you could save as much as 70% off the rental rate. To save money on the actual travel expenses try renting a cabover style RV. This style of RV has a queen size bed that is housed over the cab of the RV. This can save you money in multiple ways. First of all, cabover RVs usually hold more passengers due to the queen-sized bed above the cab. Cabover RVs also use less gas per mile than a bus style RV. Less wind resistance results in this money saving feature. Last, but not least, less height inside the RV means less square footage to heat or cool to make your guest s comfortable. Not running the air condition can equal a huge savings in the amount of money you spend filling the gas tank. By traveling in the non-peak months you may find you can travel comfortably with the windows down! Now that you are armed with some budget traveling RV rental tips, check out these great RV rentals companies in Georgia.

Jimmy Carter Truck and Box is located just north of the city of Atlanta at 480 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker, and Georgia, 30084. Taking this ten-minute drive north of the city is well worth it. Jimmy Carter Truck and Box offers a full line of RV rentals in Georgia. Bus styles as well as the more efficient cabover style RV are both available for rental. Contact them directly at (770) 938-0131 for information on rental rates, availability, and trip planning.

Atlanta RV is as streamlined and efficient as it’s no nonsense name. Atlanta RV is located slightly south of the city of Atlanta at 5960 Frontage Road, Forrest Park, Georgia 30297. This is conveniently located within ten minutes of the Atlanta airport, making it an ideal location to rent an RV if you are traveling in from out of town to take in all the beauty Georgia has to offer. For directions and RV rental information contact them at (404) 608-1883.

For RV rentals in a more southern location in Georgia check out Plantation Carriage Co. in Savannah, Georgia. The south is full of historical landmarks from the Civil War and Savannah is a great starting point for a scenic tour. Plantation Carriage Co. is located at 219 West Bryan Street, Suite 303, Savannah, Georgia, 31401. They can be reached directly at (912) 236-0637.

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