Renting an RV in Western Canada

Renting an RV in the Western half of Canada is a great way to tour this beautiful and magnificent landscape. Renting an RV in Canada could be a daunting RV trip, but if you divide the country in half and take on one side at a time it is easily accomplished. Although renting an RV in Canada may not be for beginners, it is definitely a challenging trip well worth the effort. Traveling in comfort in your home away from home on wheels is a luxurious and worry free means of traveling. RVs eliminate the need to make pre planned hotel reservations or worse over priced spur of the moment hotel reservations. RV traveling is great for families or large groups of friend to travel in a budget friendly way. So, use that money you are saving and take a few extra days off so that you do not miss seeing or visiting anything in Canada.

Traveling in Canada may take a little more planning than roaming about the American countryside. You will need to acquire your passport, as well as all of the passports for anyone traveling with you; after all you will be entering another country. Money exchanges are easy and can be done near the U.S./ Canada border or at any local bank once you have crossed the line. Most Canadians will speak English as well as in some areas a little French, so you should not have too much trouble in the language department. Because you will be traveling in another country it might be wise to rely on pre-planned tours offered by the local Canadian RV rental companies. After you have all the details sorted out, check out one of these great Canadian RV rental companies located throughout the Western half of Canada to choose the RV rental most suited to your traveling needs.

Cruise Canada – Calgary is a full service RV rental company located in the Western side of Canada. This beautiful country is the perfect place to tour via an RV. An RV makes it perfect to just pull over whenever you feel the need and take in the beautiful scenery. It is important to check in with you rental company for any tips or guidelines specific to Canada that you will be expected to follow while traveling in their country. Cruise Canada – Calgary is located at 2980 26th Street, Calgary, Alberto, T1Y 6R7. For directions and rental rates contact them directly at (403) 291-4963.

Cruise Canada – Vancouver is located at 7731 Vantage Way, Delta, British Columbia, V4G 1A6. They offer a full line of cabover and bus style RVs that take RVing to a new level of comfort. Full sized ovens, refrigerators, showers, and DVD players make traveling in an RV a luxurious means of getting to where you want to go. In your rolling home away from home you can unpack only once and repack only when the trip is over! For more information on RV rental styles available contact Cruise Canada- Vancouver directly at (604) 946-5775.

In far western Canada you will find Cruise Canada- Whitehorse. They offer a full line of rental RVs that are perfect for traveling in style and comfort. Their staff is friendly and helpful. Make sure you ask them for any trip planning recommendations so that you do not miss out on anything that Canada has to offer. Cruise Canada Whitehorse is located at 12 Boulder Road, White Horse, Yukon Territory, Y1A 5S8. For more information on rentals rates, availability and pre-planed trips contact them directly at (867) 668-6622.

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