Repurposing Plastic Produce Bags from the Grocery Store

I buy plenty of fruit when I go grocery shopping, and when I do, I usually put my produce in those clear plastic bags that the grocery store has available for their customers. When I unload my groceries at home, I used to just toss the bag in the recycling bin. I had no use for the bag, but I felt bad about not finding a way to reuse the plastic bag.

When my first daughter came along almost nine years ago, I purchased the standard diaper garbage pail and plenty of the garbage bags that went with the garbage pail. Then, when I realized how much money I was spending to refill the diaper garbage bags, I began to look for alternative ways to throw away her soiled diapers. I began to use the clear plastic produce bags that I would bring home from the grocery store. The plastic bags were the perfect size for her diapers and they can be knotted to contain the diaper. I had two more children and from their birth, I used the produce bags to conceal their diapers too.

I also use the plastic produce bags as garbage bags for my car. I tried using a standard plastic shopping bag as a garbage bag for my car but they were too big and bulky. I don’t have a lot of garbage in my car but when I do, I just need something small use as a garbage bag. The plastic bags work perfectly and they store nicely in the side panel of my car door.

I have a small bathroom garbage can in my laundry room that I use to throw away lint and anything else that might end up in the laundry. I use the plastic produce bag in the small garbage can. The bags are the perfect size for the garbage can and I can knot the bag easily and throw it out in my bigger garbage can. Easy clean up for the lint and other laundry debris.

I like to reuse or repurpose my garbage as much as I can. I do my small part in keeping the world a little greener by reusing what most people would call garbage. It takes a little creativity to come up with efficient ideas on how to safely reuse garbage and most of the time, items can be reused or repurposed.

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