Toile Dresser Collage Craft Project

This is a shabby chic craft project you can make in out of an old dresser, some toile paper, and a little decoupage. While the toile fabric in this craft project is made of toile tissue paper, it will give a rich look to any outdated dresser.

Toile printed in yellow on white or even brown on white makes a great shabby chic look on any dresser!

This craft project is simply and should cost you $20 or less per shabby chic dresser. The most expensive part is the dresser, which hopefully you already have.

For this Shabby Chic Toile Dresser Craft Project You Will Need:

Toile Tissue Paper or wrapping paper

Decoupage Medium

Wooden dresser

2″ Paint Brush



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The first step is to Cut the toile tissue paper. You could also rip the toile paper apart for a more rustic shabby chic look on your dresser. You will need a lot of these.

One other idea is to measure your dresser drawers and cut out your sheets so that they fit exactly on the drawer in one piece. You get to decide!

Use one wood dresser for the base of this shabby chic project. You could prime or paint the dresser first if you would like. Just remember the color will show through the toile tissue paper, so stick with lighter colors. If you use toile wrapping paper it will not show through as much.

Start by laying a piece of toile tissue paper on the dresser and using decoupage to attach it to the dresser. Dip your brush in the decoupage medium and then brush on the toile paper.

You may want to paint on a layer of decoupage medium to the dresser and then lay the toile wrapping paper on. You can add more medium on top. Use more decoupage medium to hold this down if necessary.

Continue this process until you cover the entire wooden shabby chic dresser. Your toile tissue paper eaves should overlap, creating a layered look on the dresser. You can add as many layers of toile paper as you would like. The decoupage glue medium will dry clear and hard.

To antique your toile fabric dresser you can rub a wood gel stain onto the dried dresser. Wipe it off with a clean dry cloth. Allow this to dry for at lest an hour. For a shiny touch try mixing one part gold paint with two parts glaze. Brush this over the entire dresser. Wipe away any excess if necessary. Allow this to dry before you move on to the next step of this vintage craft project.

Let this final step dry and you are finished.

Now you can also use sand paper to age your shabby chic toile dresser. I like to use a fine grit sand paper and rub away some of the toile tissue paper and wood stain. You can reapply some gel stain to add more age as well.

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