Residential Solar and Wind Power is Expensive

I am one of those who would love to use solar and wind power in my primary residential home. So I took my current electric bill and pulled out my Yellow Pages.

I called a local solar and wind power installation company. He asked me how many kWhrs I used last month. Then he took that number times twelve months and determined how many kWhrs (KiloWatt hours equals Watts expressed in thousands times the number of hours the Watts were used) I use per year.

Then he multiplied that number by $8.50 and came up with a number that is half of what it cost me to build my house in the first place. $8.50 per Watt is the standard installation charge in my area. It covers the materials and labor for the complete installation.

I highly suggest that if you do the same exercise that you be sitting down when he tells you the number.

All is not lost though. I found a site on line that teaches you how to build your own residential solar and wind power. Building your own solar panels can be done for less than $200.

Equipment that could cost as much as $3000 from the manufacturer can be built for much less.

The likelihood that the DIY (Do It Yourself) manual will have you building enough panels to get your house totally off the grid is extremely doubtful.

However, you can build some easily to get that freezer in the basement off the grid. If everyone got one appliance off the grid and onto a solar panel system then we as a group could make a big difference.

Everybody getting one appliance off the grid is doubtful as well, but at least you could join me in feeling good about the fact that I am doing my part.

See more about this at Solar and Wind Power for Residential or .

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