Restarting Your Wireless Network

So you need to restart your wireless network but your not sure how. No fear this simple guide will tell you how to safely, easily, and quickly restart your wireless network. The first thing to clarify is what I mean by wireless network. You have high-speed cable Internet and your network is setup with a cable modem and a wireless router. It doesn’t matter it you are connected to the router by cable or wireless for this process to work.
  1. The first step is to unplug your cable modem. first unplug the electrical cord. Then unscrew the cortex cable, that’s screw in cable that the cable Internet signal comes through.
  2. Next unplug your wireless router from its electrical source. You only need remove it from the electrical outlet, no other cables need be unplugged.
  3. After unplugging both the Cable modem and the router you need to wait. You must now wait at least 30 second but I would suggest waiting a full minute.
  4. Re-plug in your cable modem. Wait until all of the indicator lights are on until the modem indicates that it is connected to the Internet. All of the lights need to be on but If there is a light marked activity it doesn’t need to be on. This will come on after you are fully connected to the Internet.
  5. Once you are sure that the cable modem is on-line go ahead and replug in your wireless router. Now the activity button will problem come on but it may not depending on what kind of cable modem that you have.
  6. Wait another 30 seconds or so and then check your computer to see if the Internet is working.

Your wireless network has now been reset. Everything should be working fine. If you are sure that everything was done correctly and your Internet will still not work then try repeating these steps again. If it sill won’t connect to the Internet then your problem may be of a different nature.

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