Review: The Dustbuster Kone

When the Dust-buster Kone hit the shelves a couple years back, I HAD to have one right away! I just thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I also thought it was something my family would be able to get a lot of good use out of. Years later, I still use my Kone at least ten times a day. Mine is the dark charcoal gray-ish black steel colored model, and it’s actually very pretty, for a hand-vacuum, that is. It’s sits tucked away in an out-of-sight corner of our family room, behind an end table, so you wouldn’t even notice it was there unless it was pointed out to you. It’s certainly not something I would display on my sofa table, but it’s not awful to look at, it’s definitely a major improvement from the Dust-buster’s of the past, that’s for sure.

It’s got fantastic suctioning power for such a little machine; I was really surprised at how well it tackled small messes! I often find myself reaching for it to clean under couch cushions, inside drawers and cabinets, along baseboards, ceilings and in tight spaces. It’s great for dusting dried flower of faux plant arrangements. A spilled snack isn’t really a problem if you’ve got the Kone, and kids love to use it too. The machine is also fairly quiet, much more so than a traditional vacuum cleaner. It’s also a handy tool to have when it’s time to vacuum out the car.

The canister can be emptied easily, just twist the top off and dump it into a trash can. The filter can be wiped off with a warm, damp rag and a slight amount of all-purpose cleaner, but you will also need to replace the filter on occasion. You can extend the life of your filter be being sure to empty your canister after each use and before storing.

The battery power is strong, we can leave it off the base for hours, even days, and it still works fine. Obviously, the more you use it the more you’ll need to charge it, but it does complete a full charge fairly quickly. We put ours back on the base after each use and have never had a situation where we didn’t have power available.

The Dust-buster Kone really is a great little tool that can be used for a variety of messes both indoors and out! It really is a “must-have” if your kids create multiple messes a day!

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