Review of Burt’s Bees Health and Beauty Products

In recent years, I’ve seen Burt’s Bees products popping up everywhere. I have even seen them available in larger national chains like Bath & Body Works and Walmarts. I’m very glad that my favorite health and beauty products are now widely available in most parts of the United States.

Burt’s Bees was a company started by a bee keeper named Burt and his buddy Roxanne in Maine. From seeing photographs of Burt you would probably size him up as an old hippie, but regardless of his appearance he’s definitely a genius at making good products. The company thrives on being “natural.” They use as many natural ingredients as possible. In fact, many of their products are 100% natural or close to it. They also use only environmentally friendly packaging that produces as little waste as possible.

I absolutely swear by their Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoo. It’s 98.20% natural. It has citrus extracts to promote shine and the sugar beet extract repairs any hair damage.

They have two very yummy adult toothpastes that are 100% natural: Cinna Mint and Laveder Mint. They also have a kid’s toothpaste as well that tastes really fruity and is flavored with orange oil. I really like the idea of using natural toothpaste especially on kids considering most toothpaste labels warn consumers not to swallow it for fear of poison!

Another useful product that I get a great deal of use out of is their 100% natural insect repellent. It works just as good if not better than chemical brands and it smells good. Plus, without containing any DEET, you don’t have to fear slathering your children with it.

My favorite part of their product line hands down is their Baby Bee line. Babies have particularly sensitive skin so these natural products are ideal when trying to avoid irritation. My favorite of the line is their apricot baby oil that smells just delicious compared to most baby oils I’ve purchased. For each of my relatives and friends that have newborns, I buy their Baby Bee Starter Kit which is a sampling of all their wonderful baby products. It’s sure to make them fall in love with the Burt’s Bees line.

Burt’s Bees comes out with new creations all the time, so check their website often. To date, I have not tried one product that hasn’t completely satisfied me and I am sure that you will feel the same.

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