Review of Cabela’s Fleece Wrap/Blanket

I live in Alaska, and our winters can get quite chilly. My brother-in-law used to visit quite often around the winter holidays, and saw for himself how cold Alaska can get. I wasn’t surprised when he sent me this Cabela’s Fleece Wrap. He is very thoughtful and generous, and he always buys his gifts from Cabela’s. I love it, because Cabela’s has excellent quality and excellent customer service.

Description of the Wrap

This wrap also doubles as a blanket, and is generously sized at 60 x 80 inches. The material is a luxurious 230 weight fleece, which is designed to be fade resistant, water resistant, as well as having anti-pill properties. It is machine washable. Cabela’s sells this for $49.95.

The wrap comes in nine different patterns, mine is the Moose Walk, which I think he chose because we do have the occasional moose walking on our property and even on our deck during the long winter months. (He is so clever when he picks out gifts!).

The wrap has a 45 inch long reversible zipper, and there are a total of 10 snaps on the fleece. The snaps are placed in areas that allow the user to make sleeves and a hood. The zipper starts near the waistline and goes all the way to the bottom. There are no snaps at the bottom to enclose the feet (which enables you to walk around while wearing it).

The fabric is what I refer to as polar fleece. It is heavier than some fleece blankets we own, and it is very soft and plush feeling. I feel pampered when I am wearing this!

My Thoughts

While I thought I would use this wrap alot while watching TV at home, it turns out I really didn’t use it as a wrap much at all. I did, however, use it as a blanket. When it is unzipped and unsnapped, it is a perfectly good, generously sized blanket for snuggling up with. Although the zipper can feel scratchy sometimes.

I am a petite person, only 5′ 1″ tall, and this wrap is just a bit too long for me. I’m fine when I am all bundled up watching TV, but if I need to get up and walk around, it becomes cumbersome. Hubby says I walk like a penguin in it, because I have to lift it up (much like a dress that is too long). It is also more difficult to do any activities, such as knitting, while wearing this fleece. The large sleeve holes get in the way.

We ended up putting this in our motorhome, and I do enjoy snuggling up in it when we are outdoors camping. It keeps the draft off of me because I can zip and snap it up around me, and it won’t fall off. It’s perfect for those times when I am going to be sitting down for long periods. When the wind comes up, I can pull the hood up over my head, and no cold drafts go down my back.

I have spilled beverages on this blanket, and they do clean up very easily. The liquids don’t penetrate quickly which gives me time to clean them up. After several washes, it doesn’t have the same fluffy appearance as when it was new, but there definitely is no pilling with the fabric, which is really a big plus.

I don’t know if I would personally pay $49.95 plus shipping for this wrap, but I received it as a gift, and I do enjoy it. Cabela’s does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products.

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