Review of the Clorox Redi Mop, Clorox Hard Surface, and Windex Antibacterial

I have been doing an insane amount of house cleaning lately. I have used an assortment of products in my journey for a squeaky clean house. I have spent long hours on my hands and knees scrubbing, and I wished I had done a little research before I bought any of the items I was using, I know I could have saved a considerable amount of money because I would have quite simply not bought any of the ones I read bad reviews on. Well I want to share my experiences with you in the hopes of saving some time and money for all of you.

The first thing I want to talk about is the Clorox redi mop. I initially liked this expensive mopping system. I assumed that it would be a quality product that would not only keep my floors clean, but also germ free. Well I was content and happy at first, I could see the hair, dirt and other germs and other forms of crud that I was getting from my floors, that equals results right? Well as obsessive compulsive as I can get, I was cleaning my floors daily with this. Well, that all changed one day when I sat down on my dining room floor to scratch my dogs belly.

I saw dirt in small cracks at first. I have not resided in this house fer very long, I am ashamed to admit this, but I thought that my floor had a design to it, however abstract. Well here was my rude awakening, no it has dirt on it, in areas the Clorox mop doesn’t reach, so how clean and germ free is my home really? Not that clean I guess.

This lead me to doing it the old fashion way, with a scrub brush and a liquid cleaning surface. I was concerned about using a antibacterial product, because I also wanted something strong enough to get the floor clean. At first I was using Clorox anywhere hard surface cleaner, but the expense of this cleaning product lead me to switch it up. I like Clorox anywhere hard surface sanitizer, it is simple enough, sprat wait two minutes and wipe up. However for the same price I found a two pack of Windex Antibacterial Multi Surface Cleanser. I am head over heels for this product, seriously. It is a great all purpose cleaner, it smells great and is affordable.

I hope this review helps you in your search for cleaning products that work well.

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