Review of PureAyre Odor Eliminator

In our green household, we have discovered products that are effective and work with nature to give us better results than their toxic, chemically laden counterparts. PureAyre is one of the products we use with great results.

The product comes in a 14 ounce spray bottle, and comes out of the bottle in either a spray or stream mode. There is also an “off” position on the nozzle, in case little hands get ahold of it.

The front of the PureAyre bottle states that it is guaranteed to work on:

* Carpet
* Air
* Fabrics
* Pets
* Urine
* Cigarette smoke
* Chemical odors
* Gasoline odors
* Skunk odors
* Boats
* Cars
* Laundry rooms
* Gym bags & lockers
* Shoes
* Cooking odors
* Diaper pails
* Vomit
* Mold and Mildew
* Garbage cans

About PureAyre

The ingredients are distilled water, plant enzymes, and essential oils. Because it is a food grade odor eliminator, it is totally safe. The enzymes actually break the bonds of odor-causing compounds found in nature. It specifically works on organic odors by chemically changing the source of the odor. It really does clean the air. And PureAyre contains no bacteria, alcohol or hazardous chemicals. No perfumes that will mask or “cover up” bad odors. It’s safe and won’t cause respiratory problems in small children or the elderly.

PureAyre is so safe to use around people and pets that you can actually spray it directly onto your pet and their bedding. It is effective for use in litter boxes, removing pet urine odors in your carpeting, as well as animal such as birds and hamsters. If you are house training a puppy, odors from accidents need to be neutralized immediately, or you run the risk of your pet being attracted to that area again and again.

Because PureAyre is food grade, it can be used on counter tops and around food.

It comes in a handy purse sized spray bottle that is handy for using in stinky campsite outhouses.

Our Experience

We have found the products claims, amazing as they are, to be true. I’ve sprayed this on my hands after cooking with onions, garlic and fish – and it instantly neutralizes the offensive odors. My daughter used it in her apartment. The former tenants had four cats, and two closets had an overpowering cat box scent. PureAyre did a great job, as long as the entire surface was sprayed. It should be used on dry surfaces, and does not require rinsing. This product also works on removing organic stains, but some elbow grease is required.

When we take our motorhome out of storage, or after it’s been closed up for a few weeks, it tends to have a musty odor. PureAyre sprayed into the air removes the stale smell and makes it smell fresh again. I will admit, spraying it into the air this way is a temporary fix. In order to remove odors, you must spray the source of the odors. If the smell returns, you have not found the entire source of the problem.

It’s hard to find a product that does what it says, and even harder to find one that does it while being all natural. PureAyre does both. It’s a great product. Suggested retail price is $8.59.

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