Unclogging and Maintaining a Sink

Clogged sinks can be expensive to fix. The going rate to unclog a sink by use of a plumber is approximately $100.00. Here are two ways to avoid this situation as well as avoiding taking the chance of using chemicals and unhealthy solutions. What is better for the health is a safer product to use. Chemicals and unhealthy solutions can do more damage than one may know. A science project comes to mind whereas the teacher had showed the students what happens when windex is mixed with bleach. This creates a dangerous gas that may harm the lungs, eyes and skin if misused as the same applies to the chemicals in unclogging products such as Liquid Plumber. Remember to read the instructions fully and the proper safety gear such as gloves and nose mask. Those who would rather take a more sensible path, perhaps soda (otherwise known as pop) may help.

Coka-Cola and Pepsi products are tasty to some even with the ingredients of acids and carbonation that makes these drinks unhealthy. If someone poured soda onto their car, any brand basically, they will notice that it does something to the paint. It slowly discolors or damages the paint of a car the longer soda is left on the paint. Pretty strong stuff to be able to do that as Alien, the movie, comes to mind when the creature spits out acids on the victims to eat away the skin. The soda manufacturers sell their products at good prices in competition with the next soda company. Find a soda that is on sale and purchase a couple of bottles. The acids and carbonation eats away the grime and sticky particles that hang onto the pipe along the line. Slowly pour a whole 2 liter into each sink and let it sit for two minutes then run the faucet for approximately one minute. Scary thing is that soda does to your pipes what it does to your teeth. The ingredients and acids can stick to your teeth blocking the natural process of healthy teeth and creating more chances to have decay and cavities. Soda has been used for many things yet the most use it tends to have for all the right reasons would be a great plumbing option.

Chemical reactions are the most important reason that plumbing products are dangerous to begin with. Reports have shown that those using them unwisely ended up with medical emergencies or short term difficulties from inhaling fumes. It all sounds scientific and it should for that is what it is, science. Science, how we love science projects. Do you remember those little volcanoes that your teacher had you create or perhaps you have seen others create. You take an already created volcano that has a hole in the center to pour liquids into. Pouring baking soda and topping it off with vinegar makes for a free sudsy appearing lava splash. The same can be used for sinks. With this option one must understand that even though this is not a cleaning product, it can combine to create a reaction. This is far less dangerous by all means than using Liquid Plumber or lime. Even though, one wants to be safe and to do this in a safe fashion there are two rules to follow. If you have a face or nose mask then please do wear it, safety first. How to create this fast pipe cleaner? Pour a quarter cup of baking soda down a drain and take a spoon to slowly move the powder around until it goes down the drain some. After this slowly pour in this next mixture, four tablespoons of vinegar mixed with one teaspoon of water. Pour the mixture in very slow around the sink drain coming in contact with the baking soda and DO NOT directly breath into the sink drain for this could be dangerous. Wearing gloves can be used, again, safety first. Once you pour this mixture slowly down the drain, the reaction forces particles that are sticking to your pipes by the measurement of where the baking soda had reached. When you see bubbles coming up appearing like oncoming mild backwash from the ocean, run water from your faucet down that drain. Always remember that if you do not feel comfortable about doing this in the middle of the act then simply turn on the faucet and let the water drain it down. By all means do not empty a whole container of baking soda in the drain or add a quarter cup of vinegar. You have not only cleaned your drain and loosened any sticky substances, you have also done this without any cleaning products that have seriously dangerous chemicals plus these ways are very affordable.

Warm water is a wonderful thing yet hot water is a charm. Oil and grease can slowly build up in the sink and if you don’t want to mess with soda or the ‘volcano’ option, start maintaining your sinks as such. Dispose of the oil and grease waste into a container and properly dispose of that container. For traces of oil and grease in a sink or through a pipe, run that hot water and keep it running for a total of ten minutes on each drain. If this is done once a week, the chances of build up due to oil or grease goes down. Twice a week and it is a sure shot yet three times a week is going just a little too far Mr. Hughes. Respecting a homes needs are part of the responsibilities of owning a home. Doing a couple of things differently along the way may help make life enjoyable since it does not add to extra financial strain or take away an afternoon waiting on plumbers or other maintenance calls.

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