Review of Sky’s the Limit Skydiving Center in East Stroudsburg, PA

Skydiving isn’t for everyone, although maybe it should be. Everyone that tries it falls in love with it, no pun intended. I spent the day at Sky’s the Limit in East Stroudsburg recently and had a blast, even though I did not jump. Everyone there shared the same sentiment – try it and you will love it. One employee told me “If you are on the fence about doing it, just do it. If you are dead set against it, it isn’t for you.” Although I am on the fence, I didn’t try it out that day, but maybe one day soon.

Sky’s the Limit is the only skydiving center in the area. It is the largest skydiving center on the east coast. Skydiving fanatics from all over the tri state area and even beyond go there to get the adrenaline rush that they so love. Sky’s the Limit is set in the middle of the Poconos of PA. A center employee told me that skydiving is the best way to see all of the Poconos from a view up high.

When you arrive at the center for your first jump, you are expected to learn a little about what you are about to embark on before you get to board the plane. New jumpers will watch a short movie and go over some different tips and emergency techniques. The first few jumps will be done tandem. That means that there is a certified instructor attached to your back. You are basically just along for the ride. They do it all for you. After watching the movie, it is time to sign a lot of waivers and forms. Standard stuff basically. Then it is time to suit up. There is an employee that helps you get all your gear on and he even gives you some insight about what you are about to do. One thing that he tells everyone is that they will never see the sky the same way again after skydiving. Once you are all geared up, it is time to wait for your turn to board the plane.

As long as the weather is clear and not raining or too cloudy, the wait for the plane is not a long one at all. When it is your turn, you will meet up with your tandem instructor and board the plane which seats about 23 people. The plane ride is a short one, only about 10-15 minutes to get you to the proper altitude of 13,500 feet. Once you are at the right altitude, it is time to jump. When you jump out of the plane, you will free fall for 60 seconds. That may not seem like a very long time but when you are falling to the ground, it might seem longer. Then it is time for the parachute to open up. Once it opens, you feel as if you are soaring to the Earth. The total time until you reach the ground from the time the chute opens is only about 10 minutes. That is just enough time to take in the sights that the Poconos has to offer from the sky.

Landing on the ground is the end of your skydiving adventure. Everyone that I saw land over the course of a few days had a huge smile on their face and they were laughing hysterically. They all say the same thing – that was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again!! From the excitement that you feel when you hear the new jumpers talk about their experience is almost enough to make me just push my fears aside and do it already. Even my kids and family tell me I should go for it but I am still not 100% ready to let go of the fear enough to really enjoy it.

Tandem skydiving is not as expensive as one might think. At Sky’s the Limit, tandem skydiving is under $200. Once you are a certified skydiver, jumps are under $20. Most people that do it once, do it again. Many of the people that I spoke to during my day at the center say that they want to skydive at least once a year. Many of them jump a few times a week.

The center is conveniently located in the Poconos, where tourism is hot. They are open seven days a week part of the year and weekend for the rest of the year. The employees are all very friendly and knowledgeable and safety is the first priority. The second priority is to make sure that you have the time of your life, and that you will have.

If extreme sports are your thing and you are in the Poconos, check out Sky’s the Limit skydiving center. You won’t be sorry. You will even walk about with a great story and pictures and maybe even a new hobby.

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