Review of a Pyrex Pro Digital Meat Thermometer

The Pyrex Pro Digital Meat Thermometer is advertised as “With its commercial quality stainless steel probe, this digital thermometer allows you to read the temperature of the meat you are cooking even with the oven door closed. Another great feature is the alarm that sounds when the preset temperature is reached. Timer conveniently counts down from 23 hours 59 minutes. Thermometer has a magnetic back and an adjustable stand, so finding a place to put it is easy. Uses one AAA battery (included). Lifetime warranty.”

This was not one of the worst thermometers I have ever purchased. In the past, I had used thermometers that required me to open the over, stick the metal probe into the meat and lose a lot of the heat that the over had built up. Moreover, it would sometimes require my taking out the food only to find that it didn’t reach the temperature I needed it to be. So I thought I would buy a neat new thermometer that would alert me as to the readiness of food without opening the oven or risking undercooked/overcooked food.

The Pyrex Pro Digital Meat Thermometer looked promising. The buttons are uncomplicated and it has a great magnet on the back so that you can stick it on the oven or other hard metal surface near your stove. However, getting the thermometer to work proved to be difficult.

First of all, the thermometer didn’t seem to be registering the current temperature. I tried testing the probe by boiling water and seeing if it would register on the digital screen. It did not. The temperature read rather irratically and without reason. I tried putting it in meat and setting it to 150 degrees. After about 2 hours, the alarm sounded. That was good. However, what I needed to do was to get the meat to 150, flip and let it go to 170. Problem now was that the alarm would not stop beeping and even after being reset to 170, it continued to beep at 150 and would not stop.

I looked online to see other reviews of the thermometer only to find that other people have had similar problems with the thermometer in terms of its faulty ability to actually READ temperature. In addition, the directions in the package were sparse. When I tried to find out WHY I was not able to get the alarm to stop beeping, there was no ready solution in the directions. For $20.00, I would rather buy another thermometer.

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