Review of the Gillette M3Power Razor

We have heard all the different hype for years, about the latest and greatest shave to come down the road. Usually, it is just another version of something already out there, or the same old razor with another blade. The improvements, if any, were not anything to get excited about.

I have always had a tough beard to shave, since I can remember having to shave. And it has become a routine that I accept, not expecting too much, not changing much. I don’t like electric razors, they just don’t seem to work well on my beard. I have been using the Gillette Mach3 for a little more than a year, and it was the best I have used to that point.

That was until recently. My niece gave me the new M3Power razor as a gift. I had seen the ads, and frankly didn’t expect much. It seemed on the surface like a strange idea, putting a battery in a razor. I figured it for just a gimmick. Then I tried it. Without a doubt, truly the best shaving experience I have ever had. I don’t know why the vibration of the blades makes such a great difference, but it does.

The blades seem to glide over my face much easier. Advertisements always speak about the shaving experience like it is something to get excited about. They tell us how “comfortable” we can expect it to be. This is the first razor that actually delivers something along those lines. While I don’t anticipate shaving more often just for the face massage, I will like it better when I do shave.

I looked on the company website ( and they say it this way “Facial hair grows in different directions. That means that men often take mutliple strokes to get a close shave, risking irritation and missed hairs. Turn on M3Power and a motor sends micro-pulses to the blades. You can shave closer and more thouroughly in one power stroke.” Well, it’s true. For me, anyway. I may skip a day shaving less frequently now….

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