Review of the Go Duster Put a Spin on Housework

I’m sure one thing we all have in common is that we hate dusting. It seems no matter how often we dust, it’s time to start all over again. After seeing the infomercial for a new product called theGoDuster, I decided to order one for myself and see if I could turn dusting into something fun like the ad claims.

The Go Duster cost me twenty five dollars including shipping and handling. The duster comes with two dusting heads and a small bottle of multi-surface spray it works on four double A batteries (they are not included). The directions recommend that you should do a surface test with the spray, I used the spray on laminate wood, glass, mini blinds and real cherry wood and none of these surfaces were damaged by it.

It’s simple to use spray, push and hold the button and it spins. One drawback is that you have to hold the button in the entire time you are dusting, if you have any wrist or hand problems such as arthritis or carpal tunnel you may find it a little painful. Another drawback was dusting large areas at times it just seemed to blow the dust around instead of picking it up which could be a problem if you are an allergy sufferer. If you have mini blinds throughout your home this is a life saver. TheGo Duster works really great on any type of blind. We all know how dreadful it is to keep all those slats clean when dust gathers on not one but every layer it’s almost an impossibility to keep them clean on a regular basis. If you use the Go Dusteron these dust catchers, it will be a breeze; your blinds will look like you just took them out of the box. The duster also works really well on ceiling fans as well as light covers. The smaller sized dusting head is good for those small places like keyboards or DVD racks. One thing to be careful of is if you’re using theGo Duster on a ceiling fan or light fixture watch out for dangling objects the Go Duster spins very fast and they can easily become tangled or torn off.

When you’re finished dusting all you have to do is shake out the dust, rinse the duster head under water, and let it dry for another day. Overall I would rate the Go Duster an eight out of a possible ten. If you’re looking to turn your dusting into fun give the Go Duster a spin.

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