Review of the Pledge Duster Plus

I recently had the chance to try out the new Pledge Duster Plus. I was thrilled when I seen it advertised on TV. I hate dragging around all the bottles of cleaners when I am cleaning the house. The Pledge Duster Plus comes with a multi purpose cleaning spray attached right to the duster. When I got my Pledge Duster Plus it came with a handle, a duster, and the multi purpose spray. All you have to do is attach the duster to the handle and hook the spray in its appropriate spot. This only takes a minute. Now I was all set to dust and clean my house. I started in the living room since it seems to get the dustiest. The Pledge Duster Plus did OK on the TV and the stereo .It removed the dust and any smudges from fingerprints that could be found. I wasn’t to pleased with the results on the actual TV screen itself. The Pledge Duster left smears and streaks on the screen. Next I moved on to the coffee table and the other pieces of furniture in the room. The Pledge Duster did OK at removing the dust from the tops of the tables and such, but when I tried to remove the dust from the legs it wasn’t working. I even tried spraying more of the multi purpose spray on the legs of the table but the dust wasn’t budging.

Next I moved on to the dining room and I tried to clean the French doors that separate the two rooms. The Pledge Duster did a good job at cleaning the wood part of the door. I tried to clean the glass panels on the door with the multi purpose spray. I was very unhappy with the results. Each glass panel I did was now left with streaks and looks like they are foggy. Now I had to drag out the Windex and paper towels to get them clean. It took me two times of cleaning with the Windex to remove the smears. The Pledge Duster did an OK job of cleaning my computer desks and removing the dust from the other wooden surfaces in the rest of the house. I used the Pledge Duster on the trim and baseboards to remove any dust and it did a good job .The one complaint I have when dusting anything wooden is if there is any corners or the tiniest nail head that sticks up any ,pieces of the Pledge Duster come off. I have used the Pledge Duster a few times now to be able to provide a fair review of the product. I would use it again when dusting wood, but I would not recommend using it on any glass surface or TV screens. I don’t know that I would be buying any refill duster for the Pledge Duster Plus since I still have to drag out other cleaners it doesn’t save me that much time by using it.

Pros 1. Does a Good job of removing dust from trim, woodwork, furniture, etc.
2. Easy to use, the handle is longer then most dusters.
3. Includes a multi purpose spray to use while dusting.

Cons 1. Leaves streaks on Glass. Made it appear foggy.
2. Snags easily and leaves pieces of the duster behind.
3. Doesn’t work to remove all dust

I will use the Pledge Duster again for quick touch ups when dusting but I wouldn’t use it for a thorough cleaning. I definitely won’t use the Pledge Duster on any glass surfaces. The Pledge Duster Plus starter kit will cost you around $5.00 and the refills come in 5 packs with a bottle of the multi purpose spray for about $5.50. You can find coupons on line and in your local newspaper to save you some money.

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