Household Cleaning Suggestions and Tips!

Household Cleaning Suggestions and Tips: Organizing how to clean you home is essential for saving time, and being more efficient. Start first by set up your washing machine. By the time your half way done, cleaning your home, the washing machine will probably be done, and then ready to set up your dryer. Very likely, some time after your done cleaning your home, the dryer will be finished. Remove all clutter away from areas within your home, where you plan on cleaning.
Organize your cleaning supplies, to ensure you have enough to use, and easily reachable. Save money by purchasing your cleaning supplies from a dollar store or discount store. Turn on the air conditioner, and ceiling fans, to provide you with more comfort, remove quickly any toxic cleansers from the air, and more quickly dry the floors. Also, turn on your answering machine or don’t answer the phone. This will prolong the your time to clean, if you talk on the phone. Daylight hours provide better lighting, then turning on a light switch. Remember to start your cleaning from above, and work your way down. First clean ceiling fans, since the dust falls onto the floor or carpet. Last to clean the carpets, and or floors. Just before you start, turn on some music that you can enjoy listening. This will make your cleaning time, seem to go by faster.

Below are Household Cleaning Tips!

Chewing Gum Removal: Place some ice cubes in a sandwich bag. Then apply to the gum.
Wait to till harden, and remove with a dull edged object, scrape away the gum surface.

Cleaning a Broom: Place the broom for a minute into boiling water. After dries, the broom will be more efficient to use.

Removing stains from Hand: Rub against both hands each half of a lemon.

Removing grease from Dishwasher: Add ammonia to the dishwashing detergent.

Ceramic Floors: Combine water, and white vinegar. Then apply onto a Ceramic Floor. This will preserve the color of the grout, and cleans better then a soapy mop. However, when the grout is very dirty, then apply only vinegar, and scrub with a toothbrush or scrub.

Freshening a room or car: Save money, by purchasing cheap perfumes or colognes, at a
Dollar store, that can be used to spray a room or inside of car, for nice aroma.

Ventilating a Room: Place a pitcher of cold water in the center of the room for a few
Hours. The water will absorb all the gases from the room. Water then should be discarded.

Cleaning Oil paintings: Mix milk with warm water. Then using a cloth, damp with the mixer.
Then clean the painting.

Ants kept away: Place some cinnamon, ground pepper or cucumber peels, on the surface where you have seen ants. This will serve as a hot surface, for ants to enter.

Removing Carpet Stains: Use baby wipes to remove carpet stains, oil, blood, and other types of spots.

Cat Litter: Add baby powder to cat litter to provide fresh aroma.

Linen Closet Odors: Spray cotton balls with a fragrance, and then place inside linen closet.

Mildew on Shower Door: Spray Resolve on shower doors to remove mildew.

Carpet refurbished: Place ice cube on an area of carpet that has been walked on often or pressured down. When the ice cubes melt, the area of carpet will rise up.

Shoe Odor: Fill a sock with cat litter, baking soda or Tea Leaves, and tighten the other end.
Place the sock inside the shoes, sneakers or sandals, and the odor will dissipate.

Removing Stickers, Decals, or advertisements: Use vegetable oil to rub off from plastic, glass, Furniture, and other surfaces.

Stove cleaning tip: Rub car wax on the inside of a stove. This will prevent grease, and grime accumulating, and will make it easier to clean later.

Silverware cleaning: Cover a baking or cake pan with aluminum foil. Then add two cups water, with one tablespoon of baking soda. Then heat until 150 degree’s. Afterwards, place tarnished silverware inside, and stains will disappear.

Garlic and Onion Smell: When cutting onions or garlic, with a knife. Removing the odor from the knife by rubbing against a lemon wedge to give a fresh smell.

Sponge Odors Remove: Place sponge inside the top of a dishwasher, when cleaning dishes.

Bathroom Odor: Place an open container of baking soda, in the corner of the bathroom or behind the toilet. This will absorb unpleasant odor.

Cleaning Glass Windows: Mix vinegar, and water. Then spray the mixture onto a glass surface, and scrub with a newspaper. Cheaper than buying, any commercial cleaning product that produces a toxic smell. Second Suggestion: Mix two quarts of warm water, and half cup of cornstarch. Then spray onto surface, and using a cloth or sponge.

Preventing corrosion inside Iron: Only use Distilled Water inside of an iron. Distilled can prevent the cause of corrosion from developing, instead of using regular water.

Wine Stains: Removing wine stain from table linen, by rubbing the surface with a wet cloth or sponge, and applying table salt.

Air Freshener: Spray a little perfume or cologne onto a light bulb in a room. When you turn on the light bulb that will warm the bulb, which will give off a fragrance to that room.

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