Romantic Houston Restaurants

Many people believe that romance and food are connected. Eating food brings a form of intimacy and closeness. That’s probably why most dates end up going to a restaurant during their first time together. But before you go on your date, find out what kind of food your significant other enjoys eating. They might be a salad lover or Italian aficionado. It will virtually guarantee that you have a pleasant dining experience.

Houstonians are never in short supply of great places to eat. Our town has some of the highest rate per capita of restaurant diners in the country. This is because Houstonian’s love to eat out and we have a lot of great choices. Houston is the perfect place for a romantic dinner date. If your date knows exactly where they want to eat that’s one thing. But if they don’t know you can make suggestions based on a few bits of criteria.

It would be a good idea to go during a time when the restaurant is less busy. If it is too noisy or too crowded it will be difficult to enjoy each other’s conversation. You will want to spend this time getting to know the special person in your life. So it’s a good idea to do research before the date. You want your date to be as romantic and convenient as possible.

Of course you both want the food to taste great but other things are also important to consider. It’s also desirable to select a restaurant that is romantic for the both of you. It sets the mood for the evening. It should have great lighting and beautiful dÃ?©cor. Houston has some of the most romantic restaurants in Texas. Your date will enjoy the ambiance of luxurious interiors and scrumptious cuisine. You will be able to easily enjoy romantic conversation together. In a city that offers a great selection of restaurants, here are some of my favorite places. Make sure you check out their websites and you’ll see what I mean by romantic settings. The food is truly awesome!

CafÃ?© Le Jadeite is an Asian restaurant in the heart of Houston. They are located in River Oaks, which is the decidedly affluent part of town. Their website lists a diverse list of dining choices. There’s even a section of the website that shows you the romantic spread! Their menu is classified as Asian fusion cuisine. Another restaurant, which is great to bring a date to, is Rudi Lechners. The German cuisine is the best of its kind in Houston. The interiors are romantic and rustic. Live German music plays throughout the week. Even if you don’t like sausage and sour cabbage you’ll find other German entrees worth considering. Their website features a few recipes directly taken from their menu!

If you and your date are craving Italian cuisine your date will enjoy the romantic ambiance of Chianti’s Grill. The Italian food is stellar and always a crowd pleaser.

This restaurant even has a brunch menu!

Another great restaurant that has modern cuisine is located north of Houston in the Woodlands. Their website lists many dining options.

Or if you love steak a great place to eat is: They have been around for over 50 years. They are expensive but definitely worth the price.
If you would like to consider other romantic places to dining a great website to find romantic restaurants in Houston is to visit

Once you have indulged in great food and experienced the romantic conversation you can look forward to setting another dinner date. You both will remember the restaurant as your special place where you enjoyed a lovely date. Your significant other will be so impressed with your restaurant selection that they’ll look forward to seeing you again. It’s all a matter of simple planning and research. Just find a romantic restaurant with great food. The rest is up to you!

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