Rose Varieties & Names

It’s easy to be fooled into buying a rose that will not survive in our yard. It happens because the names play a big role of selection invoking feelings in us, providing a false inclination to buy, and buy a particular name at best, leading us to heartbreak when our plants fail!

Roses boasting the names of famous people like the beloved “Princess Diana” or how about “President Kennedy”, “Julia Child”, “Billy Graham” and even “Barbara Bush”. Gardeners looking to achieve a sort of “Peace” in their yard can even purchase the rose named “Peace”.

The ABC’s of Rose Selection

Avoid the pretty names! Do your homework and purchase roses that are only recommended for the zone corresponding with your area of the nation. Also avoid buying from large retail or home improvement centers if you can. It’s easier and roses will most likely when purchased from a seasoned rose grower in the area.

Buy disease and/or pest repellant to keep your roses healthy if you haven’t selected a variety that is rather disease resistant. Again, if there’s a rose grower in the area it’s best to purchase whatever they have used because switching products could be a nasty transition. If you don’t know what has been used, ask a knowledgeable representative at the best gardening store in your area and they’ll lead you in the right direction for your rose variety.

Choose your bloom preference before you buy. Some roses bloom once, others in late spring, a few in early summer, a few varieties bloom in the fall while the rest continuously bloom from the latter part of spring all the way until fall!

Remember the ABC’s and you’ll be fine avoiding the name game.

If you want some rose varieties that have brilliant color and fragrance plus have been rated top in their class by the American Rose Society and the All-American Rose Selections âÂ?¦ here are ten you can’t go wrong with!

1.Rosa Rugosa, purplish red in color.
2.Rosa Eglanteria, light pink.

Both Rosa Rugosa and Rosa Eglanteria have great rose hips to boost, making them an excellent choice.

3.Mr. Lincoln (hybrid tea) boasts dark red blooms.
4.New Dawn (hardy Climber) with light pink blooms.
5.Julia Child (floribunda) with a deep medium color.
6.Double Delight (hybrid tea) red and white blend.
7.All That Jazz (shrub rose) blooms an orange pink color.
8.Angel Face (floribunda) a beautiful mauve color.
9.America (hardy climber) an orange pink color of bloom and produces large flowers.
10.Peace (hybrid tea) is a yellow blend.

Keep in mind that many of the new rose hybrids have been bred without fragrance as an exuberant quality, some have no fragrance at all but each of the ten roses listed above do have fragrance and are easy to maintain.

Roses are not difficult to grow, it simply depends which type of rose you choose to grow and when you’re not swayed by a name, chances are your roses will be added beauty in your garden for a long time to come.

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