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Small business opportunities not only provide a creative and diverse market, they also allow an individual or small group of people to create their own dream for the American entrepreneur in The United States. Most independently owned small businesses serve a need in their community. As will be further described, those members of communities look for the needs of that community in order to create a successful business.

Ethnic minorities and women are major contributors to these enterprises. In fact, there has been a significant increase in the number of women that have entered the small business market. Two companies that demonstrate the spirit of the small business include SFI (Six Figure Income Marketing Group) and Cinema Latino. SFI provides opportunities for the person who wants to become a business owner by providing low cost opportunities for ownership in technological networking. This also provides opportunities for home based business. Cinema Latino also was designed to serve a growing need in the community. Providing Spanish subtitles and movies serves the increasing number of Spanish speaking People in the United States. This relatively new business supports the theory that community needs need to be addressed in the business community. Throughout the body of the research, one can see the importance of small business enterprise, not only to the individual, but also to the community at large.

The four elements to a successful business are:

Consumer Safety: respond to the concerns, needs, and wants of your consumers.
Reputation: consumers and investors trust and value the company’s name.
Communication: talking to other makes a great marketing and prospect incentive.
Sustainability: companies are driven by the need to ensure sustainable supply and marketing.

Business Issues A small business is a trade that is known for being independently owned with no intention to control its field of business. Small businesses are defined as employing less than 500 individuals and produce less than $ 5 million in gross annual proceeds. The Small Business Administration has acknowledged that small business operate in about 15.7 million in sole proprietorship. “Because small businesses are vital to our prosperity, President Bush has taken important steps to assist small businesses and the hard working people they employ by reducing taxes, encouraging investment, and removing obstacles to growth,”(Whitehouse.gov). We identify the significance of supporting small business during this era of rapid change in the demographics of our country and the effects towards economic growth.

Economic Census Survey of Minority and Women owned Business Enterprise confirm that business ownership was communal between minority with no single racial or ethnic group, having the minority at 50% and the non-minorities were excluded from the minority business calculation. Hispanic-owned businesses were mostly in service industries like administration and support. It’s been said that women “hold up half of the Sky”, and they are supporting America’s small businesses as well, women owned 6.5 million businesses in 2002, up 20% from 1997. Small business start-ups are owned by several immigrants and are usually based on cultural origin. Many of these immigrants find the essentials to where they can become successful by serving there own community Small Businesses Owned by Women (Numbers measured in millions) The number of businesses owned by women has increased 20% from the year 1997 Business Opportunities Our group has chosen to research small business opportunities, the companies we have chosen are SFI (Six Figure Income) and Cinema Latino. Based on our preliminary research we have determined that both companies are innovative and extremely successful. Jared Polis, founder of Cinema Latino, sold his e-greeting site to Blue Mountain.com for over $750 million at the age of 25. Cinema Latino is based in Colorado where he tapping into one of the nations fastest growing markets. He is using Latin demographics without the use of the Internet, representing more than 12.5% of the nations population offering Hispanics what they want, movies in Spanish. Polis’ inspiration came from a mainstream theater complex like the one in Mexico. The design for Cinema Latino is based on the idea of the natural connection formed by Spanish-language radio and television. SFI is a division of Carson services, and is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

SFI has exclusive marketing rights to IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) and Veriuni(a line of nutritional, cleaning and personal care products.)SFI provides affiliates with a mirage of free “gateway” websites that help there affiliates market the products as well as the opportunity. They have been around since 1998 and have been a member of the BBB since 2000. They boast having tens of thousands of affiliates and span across 200 countries. They are considered one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. SFI is based on the principle of creating Residual income and Leveraged Income Residual income is money that you continue to earn for the life of the customer. As long as they keep buying the product, you keep being paid. Leveraged income is money that made through other peoples efforts. The more people you have working under you the more money you will make. You will earn a percentage of there earnings as well from people that are under them and so on. SFI offers many tools to help you promote and market your site, some of these tools include links to free classifieds sites, banner ads, offline fliers. In addition, they even offer a program called Eagle Co-Op, which actually does the advertising for you. Which helps to make SFI one of the only truly fully automated Small Business Opportunities? Conclusion SFI is a small business opportunity that is open to anyone regardless of there current financial standing. For about twenty-nine dollars a month anyone can join This opportunity and be potentially successful.

Cinema Latino however is more of a Franchise opportunity, which means in order to get started you would need a lot more start-up capital than you would with SFI. Because of this, it appears that SFI would be the Much better choice for the average person that wants to own there own home business but does not have a lot of money to start with. In addition, SFI Offers people the ability to make money from home from very little effort. With pre-designed websites, training classes, Eagle Co-Op, and wealth of marketing material anyone with a computer and at least one hour a day of free time can expect to make some money with SFI.

Before entering into any new business, it is important to do your research first. Start by checking them out with the Better Business Bureau. This will help you make sure that the business is not a fraud and that they are good standing within there neighborhood. You always want to make sure that business has staying power. Try to find companies that have been around for longer than two years, start-up companies are usually very fragile so you do not want to invest too much money in something that could fold in a matter of months.

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