Salomon Skate Review

My Deshi skates started to get a little too beat up for my liking, I wanted to try new skates. I looked around the internet and saw a pair of Salomon Brandon Cambell 1 Skates. Purchasing them was probably one of my best decisions skate-wise.

When the UPS man arrived at the door with the box containing the skates, I could not wait to open it and look at them. They were the last pair of Salomon Brandon Campbell 1’s that a skate shop up in Atlanta had in stock. I opened the box and they looked amazing. Examining the skate, I noted several key points that make Salomon brand skates stand out from other skates.

The skate liners by Salomon are unbeatable. They are the best stock liners, in my opinion, and they allow for no heel lift. I, personally, believe that the newer Salomon liners are more comfortable than of that on the older versions (the Sti-Pro), for example). This is not to say that the Sti-Pro does not have a comfortable liner, but I think the newer ones are nicer. Whenever someone does a review about a skate they like, they usually tend to leave out the bad aspects. I am trying to provide the reader with the best review I can, so here are a few things I found bad.

The buckle. On the newer versions, Salomon decided to install a much longer buckle. I didn’t like this at all. It took away from the skate’s look, plus it just got in the way. This problem was easily helped by a pair of handy scissors.

This is an overall good skate. I give this skate a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. If you have the cash, go to your local shop and buy a pair of salomons.

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