You Bet! the World of Horse Races

Whether you choose the Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s Cup, or Belmont Stakes, you need skill and experience to bet successfully in the world of horse races. Competitive horse racing dates thousands of years, as an attractive sport to watch well-trained animals and wager on their performance. Horse racing is exceptionally popular in England and other European countires, with an emphasis on pools and lotteries to sponsor the events. Here in the U.S., both thoroughbred and quarter horse racing are legal and popular spectator sports.

Thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular today, but did experience heavy decline in the 1950s and 1960s. Before that, legalized attempts to ban this gambling outlet all together discouraged many from taking part. However, the 1970s and beyond bought along a piqued interest in this sport, and it remains a prominent part of spectator culture in many states. Thoroughbred horse racing is the standard race around a track; horses are accompanied by jockeys, and the spectators are able to wager, or gamble, various amounts on each horse and jockey. The experience is exciting, and can be profitable. The grand prizes of the Kentucky Derby fall in the $1 million range. The authority and ownership of these horse races is under exclusive control of the American Jockey Club. The Jockey Club is similar in organization to the traditional English system, with a centralized government-style ownership to ensure fairness, following of all rules and guidelines, and sponsored competition.

State laws do vary by region and area, and some states make it illegal to bet on, or conduct public horse races. Today, websites and online databases provide valuable tracking information and statistical analysis of bets, horses, jockeys, and general information on strategies. Race cards are available for viewing, and many pursue this spectator sport with as much enthusiasm as our British counterparts! The stakes are higher for national events, but there are many opportunities to get started.

The website provides potential enthusiasts with an optional ‘Free Horse Bet’ to try out the service, and gives a comprehensive analysis and overview of many races around the country. With over 100 racetracks, the site also offers information in real time and gives weekly rebates on winnings. A race book help section, discussion forum, daily news updates, and betting tips are also provided.

The site Horsing Around at offers plenty of information on how to study handicaps, where to search for profiles and data, and how to bet successfully.

Finally, a popular racing enthusiast forum called Up In Class, is a great resource for understanding the history, background, and future of horseracing. It also gives even a beginner to connect and network with other enthusiasts.

Although almost 90% of all bettors lose on horse races, the stakes are high and profitable during the case of a win! Many seasoned horserace enthusiasts know that their chances are low, but the experience, potential for winning, and overall process of betting are enough to maintain interest! Many players maintain race cards, analysis and statistical reports, and profile data on their favorite horses and jockeys as a part of the sport. Horseracing is prominent in England, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe, and is a spirited, enthusiastic spectator sport.

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