Save Time Cleaning and Unclogging a Toilet

No one likes to clean bathrooms, so here is a new and great way to clean the toilet or get rid of a nasty clog, using a new hands free method! All you will need is a box of denture cleaner tablets. Sounds to good to be true don’t it! Well I promise you that it is not, it is very simple and it works, and you can save yourself tons of time in cleaning also.

So now that you got your denture cleaning tablets, here is how you are going to use them to magically clean your toilet, and unclog your toilet with them. For cleaning, you will simply drop one or two of these bad boys in the bowl, and walk away. So very simple right? After about 30 minutes or so, you can come back to flush, and see just how clean your toilet bowl is. This works best when you start using this new method on a clean bowl, and just continue to keep it clean by using the tablets. You can also drop a tablet or two into the tank to keep the water that is entering the bowl clean, and in turn, keeping the under part of the rim and walls in your bowl sparkling.

You will still want to clean your toilet once a month or so, but you wont have to do it as often, being the tablets will kill germs and other bacteria that would usually make the bowl of your toilet very yucky and dingy. This is not a way to prevent from ever having to clean your toilet again, but a way to save you from having to do it as often, and saving you time on cleaning in general! You also will need to know, that you will want to use the tablets once a day or every other day if you want to keep a clean bowl, until the next time you decide to break out the old toilet brush.

Now if you are wondering how to use these wonderful tablets to unclog a toilet, it is just as simple as using them to keep it clean! Once you notice you have a clog, drop one or two of the tablets into the bowl, and flush your toilet. You will notice that the bubbles coming off of the tablet, are going down the drainage hole, right to where the clog is! These wonderful tablets will break down the clog, and eliminate it, allowing water and waste to pass through. Once the clog is eliminated, the toilet will do just what it is suppose to, and suck down the rest of the water and waste left behind in the bowl. You have now successfully unclogged and cleaned a toilet with out having to do all the disgusting manual labor you usually have to!

Now isn’t it a huge relief to know that you are only going to have to spend half as much time on cleaning your bathroom? I also bet you are glad to know that there is an alternative to unclogging your toilet, without all the use of a plunger, and the disgust of splashing that nasty water on yourself trying to use the plunger! If you like to use your toilet brush and your plunger, I am sorry to say that this article is not for you, but for the rest of you out there, have fun with this new idea, and have fun with your extra time!

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