Scarpetta Pasta Sauces

Scarpetta pasta sauces are a new brand of gourmet packaged Italian sauces that are extremely high quality, and should be for the price point they reach (as high as $7.99). that said I think Scarpetta’s products are great and highly worth it.

For one thing, Scarpetta pasta sauces are all natural; the ingredients list on any Scarpetta product is short and contains only the items you expect to see (i.e., Scarpetta’s Marinara sauce contains nothing more than tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, as it should be. You can tell too, Scarpetta sauces have a fantastic texture – thick and clearly made from real, fresh tomatoes, but also smooth enough to pour easily or be used for dipping.

I was originally drawn to Scarpetta pasta sauces by their stand out packaging – large, white utilitarian plastic cylinders. It turns out the Scarpetta jars are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, making for less waste and an easy way to store or transport leftovers. This, in my opinion, goes a long way towards mitigating the Scarpetta price.

I was able to bring Scarpetta sauces home with me though, because they’re gluten free. Many packaged pasta sauces aren’t, or may not be produced in an environment free of gluten contamination or contain such ambiguous ingredients its hard to know if they are safe for me to eat. The big gluten-free label on the side put my mind at ease. Additionally, many Scarpetta sauces are vegetarian and even vegan – all are clearly labeled.

Currently Scarpetta sauces come in five flavors: Marinara, Tuscan Vodka, Puttanesca, Arrabbiata, and Pesto with more to be introduced in the near future. Scarpetta sauce tastes fresh out of the jar and yet has a nine-month shelf life, which means you can pick some up without carefully planning your menu for the week as one has to do with other fresh, gourmet pasta sauces that expire quickly.

I highly recommend Scarpetta pasta sauces for anyone who wants gourmet taste without the effort, as well a anyone with specific food concerns such as gluten or vegetarian of vegan diets. Scarpetta is now also producing bruschetta toppings made out of the same fresh ingredients and packaged in the same cool jars.

While Scarpetta products aren’t yet ubiquitous and may not be available at your local grocery, their website does provide a state by state list of where you can get their pasta sauces. Many Whole Foods locations, as well as small gourmet chains (i.e., Gourmet Garage) are on the list.

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